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Hole through base of ski

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I just got a call from the ski shop where I had taken my skis to be tuned.  They sais that they had put a hole through my bases.  When I called back the manager gave me a slightly different story say that you could see through the base, but that it was not all the way through.  He insisted that this was normal and that there is no way for the shop to know that this will happen prior to the grinding.  


My question; is this normal?  Is there really no way for them to tell how much base is left?  





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I assume this is for a base grind on an existing pair of skis.


What was the condition and age of the skis when you dropped them off? 

Were the bases bulged or dimpled in any way where the bindings were mounted.

Had there been previous repairs.


If this was a pair of skis in good condition without defects in the binding mounts, then no, this is not a normal base tune.  The depth of the base material can be judged by the depth of edge left on the ski, but if a ski is manufactured with a defect like a convex core, then tuning could cause thinning of the center of the base that the shop might not pick up.  It is also possible to have wear on a base grinder that can pull excess material from the ski.  Hard to say what the case is here, but I'd share your concern.



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For what is worth


My local tuning guru has commented that he has noticed that this happens with some of the new wider skis that have a manufacturing defect consisting of a convex base.  The manufacturer grinds the convex bulge out and the ski looks OK on the rack.  This happened with my son's 2010 Goats - never ground before but he got a core shot and I noticed that the base was super thin in the center.  The tuning guru also mentioned that he is starting to see wide skis that are used as every day boards start to develop convex bulges after being used on hard snow a lot which makes his job harder or makes it not possible to get a flat base without (further) ruining the skis.


I trust this tuner as he is well experienced.

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Thanks for the input.  


The manager called back and changed his story.  Now his is saying that the spot was there when I brought them in and they did not grind them (although he also says they put a 0.5-3.0 degree tune on them - I don't know how they could do that without a base grind, pretty sure the base angle was greater than 0.5 when I brought them in).


On the flipside, he talked to the owner who is much more willing to resolve the situation.


Will post an update later once I've talked to them and seen the skis.



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It makes sense that they had to grind the base and edges flat to get back to .5 unless they have some way of adding material to the metal edge and then resurface just that area...yea, I didn't think so.


What skis are they, some race skis are .5 base and I have been told by a high level racer to set my edges at 3.



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