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I'm worried about ski length and boots...

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Alright: I bought a pair of AC30 volkls last year along with atomic live fit 90s. The problem is that I've become a much more aggressive skier in the meantime. My skis are 163 centimeters and I'm 5'11". I figured that the length wasn't an issue considering I only weigh 150 pounds and the ac30 is a pretty stiff ski. Should I worry about the ski length? Also, my boots are too loose because I've lost a bit of weight. I'm thinking about replacing them with Lange RS110; good idea? Thanks everyone.

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The skis seem a little short, but if you're mostly making tight turns on hard snow, don't worry about it.  You should have boots that fit, not boots that are too big.

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I guess it depends on the conditions you are skiing.  I am 6'0" 205 and have three skis.  165 slaloms for groomers, 175 all mountains for out west/general purpose and then 193's for deep powder.  The only ski I would use as a daily driver are the 175's.  If you have the cash get another pair, but like I said it all depends on what you will be skiing. 

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Welcome to Epic.  The length isn't really an issue unless you're trying to ski off-piste.  Chances are your boots were too big to begin with and the liners have just packed out.  Loosing weight rarely affects your boots fit.  Don't get locked into a particular boot brand based on reviews or specs.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum, read the wikis about fitting and terminology and check the "Who's Who" for a boot fitter near you.  Don't even think about buying boots at some big box place like Sports Authority or even most skis shops, go to a boot fitter.  It might seem more expensive but in the long run you won't be replacing boots because they didn't actually fit correctly in the first place.

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IMO you should NEVER just "buy by numbers". Instead, ski with a better skier/coach/(good)instructor and get guidance whether your equipment is right for you, or limiting you, before changing it out.


For example, are you crushing your current boots with your ankle flexion while skiing, and therefore you need stiffer boots for more efficient pressure management? Just going stiffer blindly can hurt your skiing by not allowing enough ankle flexion, and bucking you around in varying terrain. Remember also that the boot's stiffness number is merely a guide within that company's product line, and is hardly relative from one brand to another. Fit is even more important. 


As to ski length, is your current ski twitchy at speed? This can indicate you may need to go longer. I have sometimes noticed the bad habit of excessive inside boot lead develop in good skiers on too short skis, so keep an eye out for that. OTOH, going too long can result in your skis feeling cumbersome and sluggish.


Most importantly: Have Fun Skiing!

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Thank you everyone for the counsel.

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How much weight did you lose?

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50 lbs

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Yep, losing that much weight /does/ affect fit.    Especially if you did it primarily through exercise.

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