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I've been riding for a long time. This season I'm working on a mountain, so I'll be out quite a bit and wanted to try and pick up skiing. I had my first day out with rentals and a friend showing me the ropes and it was pretty successful and fun. So now I'm looking for a pair of skis to pick up. I was looking for something all mountain as I'll probably only be getting one pair of skis for now, but I wanted to get something that is solid and that i'll be able to grow into. Since I'll be on the mountain quite a bit, I didn't want to get something that might be a bit better for the beginning bits but then quickly find unsatisfying.


I have the opportunity to pick up a pair of last years seth's from a friend, but they're 169. I'm 6' and about 155lbs. It seems like a good opportunity to pick up a solid ski second hand, but I'm wondering if I'll quickly find that they might feel too short for me after I get into it a little bit more or if the length wouldn't be such a problem. Any thoughts?