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K2 Rictors 2012

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At 6' 250 I'm a pretty beefy guy. I learned on 165's K2 Amp Wired SportsAuthority brand skis, but I was thinking they were holding me back.  Turns the inside ski would tend to stick and they were chattery at higher speeds.


So did a demo of these and ran them 4 runs went back to my skis and completely hated them and went right back to the Rictors.  They were 174's but there are 181's.


So the question is, I'm a green skier in their 2nd year and ski a few blues I think my old skis scared me they were so shaky at speed and all the turn issues.


Is there some other ski I should be looking at as a demo before deciding on a purchase.  I just don't want to grow out of a set in a year like these current ones.

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The Rictor is one of K2's higher end all mountain skis. They are not the stiffest ski around but you won't need to worry about outgrowing them any time soon. At 6' 250# I would look at the 181's, especially in Summit county.

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I should add that I liked the Rictor but bought the Aftershock.

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Just my 2 cents. Last year I ended up buying the K2 Rictors after pouring through all of the reviews, comments, etc. and couldn't be happier. Similar size to yourself at 6'1" 230lbs. My choice on the Rictor's over the Aftershocks were due to the chance of powder I get to ski on our trips to Breck. I would say at least 75% of the time we are there we only get a light 1-2 inches of snow. There have been a couple days where we woke up to the beauty of 8" inches of fresh powder but not usually that lucky. The Rictors did fantastic on the snow pack trails, through the trees, and even on the groomers. I went with 174's since I spend most of my time off the groomers and in the trees. During my trip last year we did have a pretty good snow fall one night and I think the skis handled just great through the powder for the short amount of time it remained. For my use and luck, I don't think I would change my decision. Best of luck!

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