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Nice day at Breck today.

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Hey Guys,

On vacation at Breck for 5 days and we finally got some snow.  Some reports say there was no snow, which I don't quite understand because we got at least 2".  If snowed most of the time from 6 am to 3 pm, and it was definitely noticeable underfoot.  Had an awesome day. I know a lot of us are suffering through dry times so I thought I would offer up some good news.

 I know its not much, but it is something.


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shhhh...don't tell anyone!  you don't want to wait an hour at the lift line tommorrow!

Seriously, I'm from PA and we have no snow at all here. Heading out to that area on Saturday but hoping it won't be too bad...I had the vacation time left anyway...its either use it or loose it. I usually go to Vermont this weekend every year..and that is always fun.


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That sucks saraemseet. It should be good here, because it is not getting past 30 during the day.  There was some crud when I go here, but that was due to some high temps right before I got here. Took them long enough, but snow report confirmed that we got 3", Vail got 5" and Beaver Creek, where I am going tomorrow, got 6".  Hoping for more!!

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