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Thoughts on Flow Bindings?

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I've been considering getting the Flow bindings that let you clip in through the high-back. I've heard conflicting reviews. Some people swear by them. Some people say that they just can't stay tight. Anyone have some feedback?

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My daughter had an early Flow binding.  She LOVED it because it made stepping in so easy: no sitting on her butt, making the skiers wait, etc.  There was no problem keeping the bindings tight. 


Just recently, she took a job instructing, and her trainer showed her how her old, full coverage Flows restricted her ankle movement, which made it hard to get true ankle flexibility into her turns, especially heel side (same issue actually benefitted her toe side).  He did say that the new versions are much more sculpted and behave much closer to strap bindings.  She was going to buy a new pair, but ultimately, she upgraded to a Burton board which only took Burton bindings.  She likes the performance of her new straps better than her old Flows.   But she very much misses the convenience of the Flows.  If they had fit easily on her new board, she would have gone there in an instant.



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I have a pair of Flow NXT-FR on my soft boot set up (I ride hard boots a lot). I like the bindings a lot. Really solid feel and certainly convenient. As with any binding, you spend a bunch of time when you first get them, getting the strap settings dialed in. But once you do that, it is just click and go. You can make fine adjustments with the straps though - no problem. The one beef I have is in powder. If you don't clean out the base really well before stepping in, they'll be super tight until the snow either gets itself out of there, ore more likely turns to ice and you have to clear it yourself. It isn't a huge deal, but something to be aware of.


The other bindings I really wanted to try were the K2/Gnu ones with a similar system, but also have a 'relax' mode that loosens the strap as well as the high back. I couldn't find any shops that had them though.

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The upper end Flow bindings are solid.  The less expensive models, not so much.  Look at the NXT and Team series.

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