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One bug remaining this morning for users of the Firefox Browser who must press the "back" button 9-times to navigate to the previous page.  Otherwise, some big changes in image gallery improvement...


Image Galleries Refresh, Phase I (of III)
The first phase of Image Galleries improvements is rolling out with this release. This phase is primarily a revamp of personal albums: basically all image gallery pages that are linked off of a user's profile page. The rest of the existing pages for galleries will be addressed in Phase II.

Image Viewer
The main improvement is that flipping through images is much faster and slicker. Compared to the current image galleries, we will also be displaying larger images


Album View
We've redesigned this page to have a bigger, more modern display of thumbnails. Editing workflows have also been reworked to eliminate unnecessary steps


Avatar Album
When you click a user's avatar on their profile, you will be brought to this album. This album will retain old avatars, so that every time the user chooses a new avatar it gets added here. Users still have the control to delete images from this album, just like a normal album.


Recent Photos
We've added a more stream-like view for recent photos. The first iteration of this recent photos view is for an individual user.


Other Changes

  • No more private albums - these comprise a tiny percentage of all albums, and really serve no purpose on community sites. Users will no longer be able to create private albums, or change albums to private. Existing private albums will be grandfathered in. However, instead of still seeing the option to toggle an album as private/public, users will only be able to convert these to public albums. This will be a one-way conversion.
  • No more image titles - we used to have image titles and descriptions. It turns out that users really couldn't figure out a good way to use both of these and often ended up just repeating information. To simplify things, we've done away with image titles (the vast majority of which were simply filenames anyway) and we now only prompt users for a description.

Bugs Fixed

  • #7032 - By popular demand, we can now set up User Awards in different sizes. They can also be configured to display inside the postbit rather than below the signature.  Not currently implemented on Epicski
  • #7532 - Fixed problem of overlapping signature lines
  • #7190 - Certain pages on the site show both a registration form and a login form in the header. We sorted out the form validation rules in these cases so that they don't collide and complain "your passwords don't match" when you're just trying to login.
  • #7338 - Thread list pages should now sort by reply/view count more accurately.
  • #7357 - We tuned a caching issue which was causing some reviews not to show up on the product page immediately after being written.
  • #7377 - Some visual improvements were made to the spacing between elements in Classifieds list view.
  • #7392 - We fixed a bug in the recently released subscriptions option to show only content with unread posts. In some cases, the pagination controls were incorrectly based on how many total subscriptions you had, not the number with unread posts.
  • #7415 - Our product importer was sometimes breaking product images when their filenames contained URL encoding, but this has been tightened up.
  • #7253 - A bug was resolved that had rendered inoperable the config that turns off Public Messages on profiles.
  • #7450 - We cleaned up some minor CSS issues with posts that had earned reputation. This affected a limited set of Huddler sites.