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Need Help Please

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I am 5'8" 148 pounds, would I be able to handle using 175cm skis? I am an advanced skiier, and i found an offer for the Salomon Pocket Rockets for $360 there new and i want to buy them, but im not sure if I would be able to control the size. Please write back telling wether or not I should buy them. THANKS
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I dont' know why you'd want to...But on a serious note I think it depends on what you're planning on doing with them. If it's going to be your go fast deep snow ski, it's probably doubt it's quite a bit of ski for a person your size. I'm 6' 175 and I ski the PR in a 175 and it's enough ski for me through the trees....but not for big mountain. Write back when you get a chance and tell us what kind of skiing you do. I think it's too big...wait until you find something you want.
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I just found the same skis in 165s so I think I'm going to get them rather than the 175.
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Originally posted by johnskiier10:
I just found the same skis in 165s so I think I'm going to get them rather than the 175.
Yikes, have you tried either?

I'm 5'8" 160, and the 175 is perfect for me. It's a soft ski and the twin tip makes it effectively shorter. About the same amount of edge as my 168cm G4s. Combine the short effective length with a turn radius of 18m and it's a very quick turning ski on firm or soft snow. It definitely turns faster at slow speeds (under 15mph) than my G4, due to the softer flex.

I'll be using mine for tree skiing at Jay Peak most of the year, but they also hold up on steep open runs like Tuckerman.

Unless you only ski the absolute tightest of trees, I would go with the 175cm. The 165cm is better suited to someone around 5'2"-5'5" 110-135, IMO.
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