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I was at one of the big chain store ski swaps this weekend down here in SoCal, am I was amazed at what was sitting around in the afternoon. I guess that SoCal folks are too into boarding to pay attention to skiing. Here is a sample:

193 XXX with Axial Bindings $350 (some base work was done, but they were sweet!)

173 and 183 K2 Enemy's (demo's) seen some use, but fairly clean bases and a steal for $250 with bindings

198 K2 Merlin VI w/Salomon 900 Equipe - used but a good stick for a big guy - $75.00!!

192 Dynastar Powertrac w/Look 9.0 TT - Excellent condition - $350.

195 MOD X (demo) with 9.1 SC Ti. Good condition - $350.

180 Dynastar Concept Twin - Brand New - $150...bought those for my brother. Hey, just because other SoCal skiers are silly, doesn't me we all are!

Mind you, none of these sold, except for the Concepts. I suppose most of this was sitting because of the length. If I was a bigger guy, however, it would have been used gear heaven!!