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Progressor 8+ or Tigershark 10

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I'm an intermediate to advanced skier in the east looking for some opinions.  I'm 6'4" 210lbs and will be skiing groomers.  I have demoed the Volkl Tigershark 10 and liked them a lot.  Also looking at Fischer Prorgessor 8+ which I haven't skied.  Could someone give me the lowdown on similarities and differences between these 2?  Also, anyone prefer one over the other?  Thanks.

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I owned the Fischer RX8, precursor to Progressor 8.  I skied the TS 10 at Vail three years ago.  They are similar in mission and characteristics -- both frontside carving skis, fairly narrow by today's standards.  I liked them both: if I had to choose, I'd take the Tigershark.  Fischers (at least mine) have a lighter, somewhat "glassy" feel; I felt the TS was a bit more "beefy" and perhaps damp(?).  But I think it's really a toss-up. 

Proviso: I have not skied the Progressor 8 itself, so I don't REALLY know its characteristics: I'm going on my experience with the ski that was turned into the Progressor with little apparent change. 


They should both be cheap; they're a couple of years old.

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Have also had the Atomic D2 VF 75 recommended to me.

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Neither. Dynastar Contact 4x4, bloody amazing ski on the groomers. Never ridden the Progressor 8 but the tigershark 10 is alright.
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yeah, well, what I didn't say is that what I bought to replace the RX8 was the Dynastar 4x4.  I like.

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One other thought.  Local ski shop has K2 Charger 181 leftover from 2011.  Thanks again.

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I've been a pair of Progressor 8+ for the last three seasons.  Great eastern ski.  I had a pair of RX8's and the P8+ is a definite step up in performance and is more versatile at the same time.  Lots of hard snow grip, a very good bump ski, fairly forgiving of less than perfect technique, and actually quite usable in up to six inches of fresh snow. 

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Can't speak to the P8+ but last year I demo'd the P9+ and the Tigershark 10.  I really liked the Tigershark but at times it felt like the skis wanted to run out from under me, even when I was paying attention to my technique and not sitting back.  I felt like I was always on top of the P9+ even if my technique got sloppy.  I assume it was the binding mount position that made the difference as I know some manufacturers tend to mount further back than others.  Anyway, if not for that it would have been a flip of the coin between the two instead of an easy victory for the P9+, which I ended up buying.


I'll say this, if the P8+ skis anything like the P9+ then you'll love it on groomers.  It skis like it's on rails.  I've never felt so locked in turning, even on borderline ice conditions.

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