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Ski Size

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About to buy a rossi experience 88. I am coming off of a Salomon Equipe 3v slalom race at 168cm. One shop told me to go with a 170 and another says the 178. The second shop only had the 178 so I was thinking they were pushing me into that size.


I am 5'10 about 172. self described as a solid skiier.



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WIthout mentioning where and what type of skiing you're doing, if you're a self-described solid skier, it doesn't seem there'd be any reason that you couldn't ski the 178. But again, the 'where' and 'what' is the question that may well determine your preference.

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I would buy the one that comes about to the bridge of your nose.......if you ski very fast all the time get the size that's top of your forehead. 

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Thanks for the replies. I ski in New England, most of the time NH or VT. When skis transitioned to shape, like many people, I came down from 201's and eventually settles on 168's. This has been my size for my last three ski's, All have been slalom race.(7 yrs old so not as shaped as current ski's) My ski style is changing as I get older, not charging as hard and turns are becoming longer. I would like to dip my toe into a wider underfoot ski but don't want to go to crazy and still want a ski that ski's well on the front side. The kid at the shop explained that with  ski's becoming wider and the injection of rocker into the industry, skiers are now going up in size again. 168 is bridge of nose and 178 is about my height. I just don't want to get pushed into a long ski due to inventory of the shop(beat the other dealer by just under 100 bucks.

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I just transitioned from a 155cm 100% cambered ski to a 167cm 30% rocker/70% camber ski. In terms of turn initiation, they felt about the same...


so if you got the 170cm, you'll be able to make much more shorter snappy turns on the rossi E88 :) The 178 may feel more like your old skis :)

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I'm finally getting back into skiing and leaving my Hexel 200's behind.  I favor quick turning skis and demoed 7 skis, including the Rossi 88.  None of them really stood out until I tried the Line Prophet 98.  I could rave about them, but my point is I demoed two lengths, 172 and 179.  I thought the 172 would be too short to hold on hard, icy turns, but they weren't.  Yet if I would have purchased one of the other skis, I would have purchased one closer to 180.  So while in general I would agree a lot of the better, hard turning skiers are getting 177-186 skis, it is not a hard and fast rule for all skis.

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Originally Posted by bert01 View Post

 my Hexel 200's


We wish to hear more about this part of your life experience.

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We wish to hear more about this part of your life experience.


Well, cantunamunch, I don't want to hijack this thread, but you did stir my emotions by mentioning my Hexcel Intrex 200's.  I bought them in '76 with the brand new Salomon 727 bindings, the first binding I owned with a ski brake.  All metal binding before the DIN standards were used.  I had Allsop poles with a nifty shock absorber built into the handles.  When I purchased the skis my boots were the innovative wax fit rear-entry Hansons, which I loved.  The liner eventually fell apart, so I picked up the Salomon SX90 Equip boots in the early 80's.  Up until this year I was still using this equipment, and my social life on the slopes wasn't dull as I often got comments (mostly laughter) on my equipment.  The 70's were exciting times of change and experimenting in the ski industry!


Getting married, having kids, and making ends meet put much of my ski life on hold, but the desire to be on the slopes has never waned.  The past four months I've been going to a gym regularly, lost my fat, and have the bug to ski like I haven't had in decades.  My new equipment is the Salomon X3-120 boots and Line Prophet 98 skis.  They feel great.


So thanks for asking about my old equipment and bringing up some nostalgia. 



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