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Toe box question

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I am not entirely sure whether this is a boot fitting question or not, that is in essence my question. I went to a professional bootfitter recommended on epicski at the end of the season two years ago and got bootfitted. Over the course of the last year, I noticed that I have a tendency to bend my toes like this on both feet when skiing. There is enough room in the toe box seemingly, meaning that I can definitely extend my toes and they do fit. The liner is elastic at the end, and my toes do stretch that elastic band slightly when they are extended (regular position), so maybe that is why I bend them but I am not sure. My question then is: is this a technique problem and I just need to tense less/get forward more or could this be a bootfitting issue? Thank you in advance.

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     It sounds like you may be trying to grip the floor of the boot with you toes----usually an indication the boot is too big and you are holding on.  Do you get any cramping in the bottom of the foot?



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I do not get any cramping, no. I do have a bright spot (red) on the ball of my foot pretty much every time (although this happens at home too), I don't know if that helps diagnose anything. The spot is neither painful, nor do I feel it as a pressure point. It's pretty much the only bright spot I have on the entire foot (although originally there were a couple others but those were either ground away or went away after a few days of liner unpacking).


Would be disappointing if this boot is too big. Is there a clear way to check for this at home (would a shell check tell me? Unfortunately I won't get to my boots for another week but it's definitely something I can do then. What should be the spacing on the sides and how can I "test" that so I can tell clearly?). Such a check was certainly done by the bootfitter though, but maybe he missed it. 

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first thing is to read the wiki at the top of the forum which is called "which boot will work for me" you loads of info on shell check etc


there are a couple of things other than a big boot which may be causing the problem,,the redness under the ball of the foot may suggest that you have a tight calf muscle and you are loading that area, although you say that it is not sore!, the redness could also be as a result of the clawing of your toes


so... the boot could be the right size in terms of length but just have a little extra height in the toe box, you could have a natural but unintentional predisposition to clawing your toes (this is a tough one as it can mean you are doing a shell check and the boot looks huge but is actually the right length when the toes are relaxed)


there are a couple of things that can be done, minor adjustments to the footbed or perhaps the liner which will reduce this, but lets find out the boot shell check info first

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So I tried the shell check. I am not all that clear about it actually, the description in the post does not give enough info for me. Am I suppose to measure at the farthest point (which I think is the heel, then the foot curves toward the toes and is shorter), and do I measure until the end I hit the plastic at the bottom or at the level of the heel.


I tried to take a picture of one side (they're pretty symmetrical), if it helps.




Oh, also yesterday after taking this picture, I put the boot on and found that even without walking around, let alone skiing, I still had the tendency to curve my toes.

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The short version of the story----get a piece of 1/2 inch (inside diameter) "CPVC" pipe (15mm outside diameter) about a foot long and if you can slide it between your heel and the shell and it touches your skin and the shell without pushing your toes any further into the front of the boot, you would have a 15mm shell check.  By the way the measurement is taken at the longest point of your foot which is usually about an inch above the floor of the boot (you have to slide it in at a diagonal to avoid the calf muscle)


Happy Holidays



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