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Opening day - this Friday

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Seven springs will officially open this Friday from 1pm till 10pm with 9-10 slopes and trails serviced by 2-3 chairlifts and 2 surface lifts.

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Not sure what the conditions will be after 50's and rain on Thursday?

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Right. I am thinking on Sunday, but not sure yet.

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Saturday and Sunday for me.  It looks like it's cooling off fast on Friday/Saturday.  Prepare for da frozen washboard!  I got to get some time on my skis before I go crazy!  I just looked at last years ski log and we opened on Dec 4th and I had in 5 days already.

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I was also desperate to get some time on the snow, so I went last Sunday to Hidden Valley. Only 2 slopes and 2 lifts and a man-made snow, but for a beginner like me it was good enough. Let's see what will be the conditions at Seven Springs.

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Well, Skied SS on Saturday with blue skies.  Did laps on Stowe to avoid the crowds until about 11:30.   The word variable falls shot of describing the snow conditions.   Returned on Sunday to bigger crowds but was able to lap Stowe until 12:00.  The fresh snow was nice but the blown snow was boiler plate and cue balls and the morning visibility was as flat as it gets.   Hoping tonight will be better.

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The storm turned too far EAST.  So we only go maybe a half inch at 2650'.  SS plans to blow today, but the winds are pretty stiff so they may not get much new snow on the slopes.  Hoping to check out the conditions on Thursday night.

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Down to 20 last night so today Tyrol slope is open with Avy coming soon. Looks like the beginning of Jan will finally give us some cold snow making nights.  Heading down this evening.

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Skied the last five days at the Springs.  Things are steadily improving with six inches of fresh new snow and most of the front side guns running around the clock.   Thursday and Friday was the peak of December with soft western snow piles on Tyrol and Avy finally open on Friday (although a bit thin).  Looks like the North Face should be open this coming weekend.

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Great! keep us updated on snow conditions. Wish I could go every day....

I hope to be there on Sunday.

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OK my fingers have finally thawed out some I can type.  Skied last evening mostly on Avy with 6 to 8 inches of soft powder.  Tyrol and Stow were also very good although for some reason they did not groom out the wet snow piles that they blow on Monday on Tyrol.  So there were some cue ball you had to avoid.  The only drawback was the single digit temps with 20 to 30 mph winds.  Could only do about 8 to 10 lift rides without a warm up.  The weather forecast once again is a bit troubling but I am hoping to ski the North Face by Friday or Saturday.

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