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I have a pair of Icelantic Shamans and a pair of Volkl Supersport Allstars.  I ski the Shamans mostly.  I'm thinking about getting another pair that would likely become my daily driver.  I'm 67, 5'8" 150 pounds.  I ski pretty much everything on the mountain including steeps, bumps, powder, trees and groomers.  Of course when teaching I'm mostly on the groomers.  I'm also a fairly aggressive skier, except in the trees.  I live in Montana and have no intention of skiing anywhere except in the west.  Here's what I think I want:  85-90mm underfoot, camber, twin tip, early rise/rocker tip and tail.  Since I'm not desperate for these I do plan to demo as many as possible, in fact I've been invited to Snowbird next year for the annual testing so if I haven't reached a decision by then I may find what I want there.  So, any suggestions on skis that fit that description?