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Soreness from hip angulation - solutions?

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After following through on some of the advice provided on my "Effective Carving at Very Slow Speeds" thread, I made turns with exaggerated hip angulation this past weekend. The results were great, in terms of my performance, but now my hips (particularly the upper hip, on the right side, right where it meets the back), feel a bit tweaked. Not sore from muscular usage, just like something isn't sitting right. It doesn't affect my range of motion much, but its obnoxious. The pain mostly appears when I move the hips in certain directions. I'd like to continue using more active hip angulation going forward, but it would suck if this became a recurring thing. 


I suspect stretching is the answer, but I'm not sure what to do. I do a lot of kneeling hip flexor stretches, pigeon pose (glute stretch), hamstring stretches, butterfly stretches and even side splits. I have a strong core and hip muscles, so I doubt it's related to a muscle not pulling its weight, but you never know. Any suggestions for additional stretches or exercises (or any other suggestions) to remedy this in the future?

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When you load a ski, you place tons of force into the joint.  This can act as a massive mobilization. Go easy w new form& consider looking at the joints above & below.  Make sure the lumbar spine & knees are working well.

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