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Taos Must Do's

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Looking for some suggestions on Taos Ski Valley.

I will be heading to TSV for presidents day and will be attending their 2 day steeps/moguls camp. 

I will have 2 or 3 additional days to explore the area.  Any recommendations? Anything you would suggest I must do before leaving TSV? Both on piste and off...good bars, food spots, local attractions, and most importantly trails that I have to hit up while I'm there?


I'm also trying to choose lodging. Must be ski in/out or within a couple hundred yards of a lift.  Suggestions? Currently considering alpine suites, snowbear condos and powderhorn condos. Any insights into these places or others I may have overlooked would be appreciated.



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If you have a vehicle I would recommend checking out Pajarito for one day to relax some after (or before) the ski camp days.  It isn't super challenging terrain, but it is absolutely a cool and historic mountain experience.  I heard they were grazed by the wild fires last summer but I also heard the lodge was spared for the most part.


Regardless, it was one of the coolest places I've ever skied all in all just because of the nostalgia of it all.

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Hike the Ridge.

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As far as what to ski, check with your instructor(s) at the camp.  That person will best know your abilities and can make recommendations for you.  Of the places you mention to stay, I would suggest the Alpine Suites for a short walk.  You should consider the Hotel St. Bernard and the Snakedance.  Lots of good restaurants in El Prado and Taos.  You might try Orlandos in El Prado and the Guadalajara Grill in Taos.  Both are on Paseo del Pueblo Norte.  Also, you can try Pizanos on the Ski Valley Road in El Prado, and Taos Pizza Outback, again on Pueblo Norte.  I didn't suggest any of the fancy places.


BTW, the snow is super.  It will be a nice powder day tomorrow.  Best early season I've seen in years.

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Originally Posted by MJB View Post

BTW, the snow is super.  It will be a nice powder day tomorrow.  Best early season I've seen in years.

Ha, that's funny! *sitting at desk waiting to get first day turns in*

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I used to work in that area a long time ago, but still go back to visit.  I love Taos, couldn't ever live there, but I love it.  


Definitely get to downtown Taos and spend some time walking around the plaza.  There's a lot to take in and it's worth spending some time exploring.  


I recommend Michael's Kitchen just north of the plaza for dinner.  It's pretty good and the sopapillas are a nice treat.  More authentic Mexican can be found somewhere like El Teseno, but Michael's is a nice place.  Texas Red's in Red River is a good steakhouse and worth going to if you end up on that side.  


You could make a day trip of something like this: drive from the Taos ski area to Red River, down through Eagle Nest and ski Angel Fire.  From Angel Fire, cross over Palo Flechado Pass to Taos and have dinner at Michael's and back up to the ski area if that's where you're staying.  If that's not where you're staying, crash somewhere in Taos.  The drive is part of the fun.


There's some decent historical things to see in Taos as well, including the Martinez home and the Kit Carson home (and that one is right downtown.)  


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Another vote for Guadalajara Grill. We always go to the one on the north end of town. We will be going skiing in Red River in less than two weeks and will be going over to Taos to eat there. Cant wait.

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Avoid Angel Fire during any kind of school vacation. Did one day there a couple of years ago at Texas spring break.

Entire population of Wichta Falls and Houston was there. 45 min. lines. Ski to the Bavarian for a wurst lunch, and make sure your 

instructor takes you to the martini tree. Instructor may get you some free Nastar runs too.

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thanks for all the info!  any one been recently? hows the conditions? 


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It looks like I am going to be skiing Taos this weekend (14-15 January).  I have another meeting in NM, and there is finally enough snow to go to Taos instead of Wolf Creek.  (Though WC is still reporting about twice the base depth.)


I see that about half of the runs off the ridge are open.  Has anybody been on them lately?  What is the coverage like?


The last time I was in Taos was about a dozen years ago.  I remember some of the runs off the ridge being frightening to even walk past.  I am eager to see how they look to me now.

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