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Wide skis wanted

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125mm or wider in the shovel, 95mm or wider under foot, but wouldn't say no to something 130+. 175-185cm long. With or without bindings. Thanks.
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Got a pair of brand new Volkl Gotamas 183 cm, 130-105-122.

Got a deal on some Spatulas so don't need 'em any more. Just listed 'em on eBay, $500 + shipping for you, lemme know if interested and I'll pull 'em.
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My fiancee' wants to spend $2,000 on a photographer and won't let me spend $500 on a pair of skis. What's up with that? One of these days I swear, I'm going to get a job and then I'll be able to do what I want with my money! But seriously, I'm hoping go a little older and stay around $200. Thanks though.
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I might consider selling my beloved motherships. The are 183 with 127/97/117 sidecut and are on the softer side. The are mounted with S900 race stock bindings din 9-16 mounted to a 315mm sole length. The are the original motherships with the orange base and are in very good shape. The bases and edges have taken some hits but nothing bad at all. No core shots or anybad edge dammage. I might let them go for 250 if you are interesed. Let me know because I really don't know if I am going to sell them or not due to the fact that I really like the skis but I just got a pair of Spatulas so I really don't need two pair of pow skis.
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Wow, 9-16 DIN. I ride on 7 in the front and 8 in the back. Do you have any other bindings, or would you sell them without the bindings? Thanks.
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Sorry but I don't have any other bindings laying around. I have no problem taking them off but my only concern is that thay have been mounted twice since I broke the first pair of binginds (hense boomproof 9-16's). If you are still interested let me know.
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write me directly I think I have what you are looking for

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2001 AK Launchers. 190 cm. Marker Turbo SC 51 bindings. Mounted to accept 8 to 10.5 boot's I'm in a 305 mm shell and there is around 1/4 inch of travel left in the heel. The SC 51 is Marker's 'select control' binding. It is on a mounting track / plate affair that makes a remount pretty easy if neccessary.

This ski is a remount, but from a binding system with a very different (from Marker) hole pattern. There is pleny of ski left to mount in in other words.

The ski's themselve have a some scratches in the top sheet. Nothing major and not excessive. The bottoms and edges are almost perfect. They have maybe 10 to 20 days on them. A great powder / crud / mashed potato's / slush ski. I just moved to an 80 cm under foot K2 (Axis XP) which seems to do it for me, so the AK's are on the block.

I can provide pic's if necessary.

$300 plus freight from Hood River, OR.

Questions to mfbrown@gorge.net
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--- pman ---

You've got a PM.
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I have a pair that is exactly what you want. Its shorter than you think you can ride but I assure you its sweet! Its a 170 Nordica w105. (105mm underfoot). I just bought them, mounted them with brand new s912ti demo bindings, then blew out my knee. If you pay me what I paid. (I work at a shop). I'll sell them to you. They're a big mountain ski so the short length doesn't really matter. I'm 6 foot, 190 pounds and they're awesome, I've got a buddy with the Identical setup, he's 230 pounds and he loves them too. Email me at supermat@epicski.com
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Thanks for all the responses. I found a pair. Bring on the Cascade Concrete!
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