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Head Vector 120 Fit Question

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Hi, I am a relatively advanced but not expert level skier, and have had a very difficult time finding boots of good quality which fit my feet.  I'm 5'8 and 180 lbs, and my feet clock in at 27.5 on the dot on a boot scale.


My feet are apparently unusual in that the forefoot is fairly wide, the heel quite narrow, and the vertical volume relatively small.  I am also quite flat footed.  Every boot with good heel control is painful in the toebox, and 103+ last boots typically have poor heel control or too much volume for my foot.


After trying nearly every boot in every ski shop in my city, I finally ended up ordering the Head Vector 120 based on the 103 last and aggressive heel cup pocket.  They do indeed hold the heel and ankle well, and with superfeet inserts have just about the right amount of vertical volume.  However, even with ultra-thin socks my forefeet are compressed enough to feel tingling within about 30 minutes of sitting on a couch (especially on my right foot, which is slightly larger).  In the 27.5, my toes are definitely touching the front of the liner, but not curled under.


My question is, would it be better to move up to a 28 in order to prevent loss of circulation?  I realize the length is possibly slightly less ideal, but could I compensate by wearing a slightly thicker sock to maintain a decent fit?


My only other option is to have the forefoot of the 27.5 punched and hope that it's enough (risky with a $650 boot). Is that even possible with only 1mm toebox walls?  I know the liner will pack out slightly, but as it stands I can't see that being enough to fix my problems. 


Also, I have heard from some bootfitters that tingling should be expected while sitting or standing in any properly fit ski boot, and that proper circulation will only happen WHILE skiing.  Is this true?  I am using the boot as an all day boot, not a race boot, and would like to be able to feel my feet while riding the lift. 


Also of note, I have not yet skied in the Head boots because I can only return them brand new.  I need to make the size call before trying them out, unfortunately :(



Thanks for any advice!!

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if it is as you describe then all sounds like it will be fine...read and reread the wiki at the top of the forum "what boot will work for me" then do a shell check and see how much space you have in the boot... the liners on the vectors are pretty snug so it is probably just that.... need to see the feet in the shell to be sure though

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