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Line Prophet 90 or Dynastar Sultan 85

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I'm looking to buy new skis and have been doing a bunch of research on this site and the RealSkiers review site.  As of now, I've narrowed it to the Line Prophet 90 and the Dynastar Legend Sultan 85.  Would love to get your expert opinions on which ski might be best for me (given the parameters below), or whether there are other models I should look at.  Thanks in advance!


Basic Stats: 5'8, 150 lbs, 30 y/o


Location: Based on East Coast, but usually ski more on West.  Usually 1 full week in Colorado and then a weekend or two out East.


Ability Level: I'd call myself a 6.5/7 out of 10.  Advanced Intermediate.  I enjoy skiing all over the mountain- frontside groomers, getting into the trees, bump runs, etc.  Ski blues and black groomers decently well whereas I just "get down" black/double black bump runs.  Venturing off piste more and more and trying to get adept at all areas of the mountain and types of terrain.


Type: Very moderate skier.  I prefer control and moderate speeds to aggressive skiing/racing down the mountain.


Goals for Ski: Looking for a one ski-quiver that I can use on the vast majority of days (but recognize that on deep powder days I'll probably just rent).  I'm particularly interested in a ski that will be easy to ski, highly manuverable and forgiving in the bumps.  I'd like something that will work both on West Coast and on east.  Basically that elusive, versatile all-mountain ski.  


I would appreciate your thoughts on whether the Line Prophet 90 or the Legend Sultan 85 would be best.  Also any other skis I should look at?  Finally, what length should I go with?  Leaning toward 165 now.


TThanks so much!


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I have a Dynastar Sultan 85 for the East Coast and a Prophet 100 for out west. I have also demoed the Prophet 90 in icy conditions. I am 5'9, 140, 29yrs.


Based on what you have said and your preference for skiing out west, I would go for the 90, because of its versatility. Both Prophets perform okay on ice (I didn't have any problems, though for both models the tail kicked around a little at speed). The Dynastar carves better in hard conditions than either Prophets. I've never taken the 85 off-piste however. The 100 is lovely in powder. Didn't have the chance to put the 90 in it, but I assume it would perform better than the 85.


For bumps I prefer the Prophets. It's a smoother ride, despite having wider dimensions than the Sultan 85. My Dynastar is 165cm and my Prophet is 172cm--I went longer because of the twin tips.


Hope this helps.

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