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Hot Foot Boot Heaters

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A year ago I bought Hot Foot heaters. I have lost the AC adapter and it looks like Hot Foot is now out of business. Anyone know where I can purchase a new AC charger? Have already tried the usual, ebay and Amazon as well as extensive Google and Yahoo searches. Really hate to throw away $200 worth of  4 battery packs and heating elements for lack of $16 charger.


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try batteryspace.com

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  Sorry, hit the SUBMIT button by mistake.

  Not sure where I was editing, but you should try to find a recharger for a NiMH device that uses 3 batteries (4.5V) or find a universal one on one of the links in my first post and use that.

  The connector parts are an industry standard plug/jack (2-conductor Molex) that I searched for and found a few years back, but if you can find the charger, setup some wire connectors in parallel for the 4 batteries and make your own or just search on 2-conductor Molex plug and you should be able to find the matching connector.

  You may be able to get the plug at a local computer store as well...they're used for hard drives, etc.

  I have 4 chargers, but I keep one set (for 4 batteries at a time) at home and one in the RV (we use the RV for skiing), otherwise, I'd be willing to sell a set if I didn't need it.

  Making a charger setup on your own shouldn't be too expensive or difficult, so that's the route I'd pursue...pretty simple (and inexpensive) components if you can find something cheap that charges 3 NiMHs at a time around 300Ma rate.

  If you need the polarity on the connections, email me and I'll take some photos of mine...don't know if you have any electrical background, but not a difficult thing to do.


  Email if any questions, I may be able to help out if these 2 posts don't make sense.

  My direct email is chaspear@aol.com.


Good Luck


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Looks like my first attempt didn't post, must have hit delete instead of submit.

The link I had in the first email was:



and the second (Molex) was:



The chargers for my Hotfoot II heaters spec at 4.35Vdc at 270Ma current.


Good Luck


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