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Salomon Course X-Scream Boots, size 27.5

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I have skied these boots for 3 seasons, just bought new boots last night that fit my foot better than these.

Description: Salomon race fit shell/liner (Course fit, Custom Fit liner), saffron (yellow) color, 4-buckle, 3D buckle over instep secures different feet nicely. Boot comes with various extra parts to increase forward lean, stiffness, delta angle, and footbed stiffness. Adjustable upper cuff angle ("cant"). Fairly stiff forward flex. Amazing lateral quickness, the best I've skied.

Fit width is medium/wide in the forefoot, and narrow/medium from the forefoot through the ankle.

Volume is medium throughout. Okay for high insteps, perfect for medium insteps, not as good for low/flat feet.

The size 27.5 fits my feet, which are a size 10 US in most shoes.

These boots are extremely well made. Salomon no longer makes this last because too many people found it too firm and close-fitting, but it's great for an upper-level skier at level 7 or higher.

$125 or best offer. PM with offers.
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Damn Man...3 new pairs of skis and new boots!!! What'd you do, find gold in them there hills? Don't mind me I'm just jealous.

ps. Just last night pick myself up a new pair of Fischer RX9's in a 180cm. Can't wait to try them.
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So what new boots did you get?

I currently have the Salomon Crossmax 10s and they fit well so we probably have the same type of foot.

Also, did you move the 3D buckle on your old boots to the further up position?

My feet are like a combination of 9.5 and 10 and the 27.5 is comfortable.
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Coach, this was a necessity, not a want. I wasn't expecting to need new boots this year, but yesterday the snow was very hard in places, and I was on my SL carvers, and I felt my feet moving around inside the boots. I've already butterfly-padded them and gone to the thickest sock I'll dare ski in. Essentially, they were probably too high-volume to begin. I bought them after a hard bout of blacktoe, mainly because they gave my toe breathing room while feeling more snug than the prior boot (Tecnica Icon X), which had packed out widthwise but not lengthwise and given a similar ankle slop that allowed movement fore/aft.

What I've learned is that I need to get the shell fit even closer than I've been using... especially in the volume. I've been doing fairly well on shell length, it's just the volume I've erred on.

I got a pair of Rossi B2 Freeride, size 26.5. Don't particularly like their white/black coloration, but the fit is the best I've had since a pair of San Marco AXS in 1985. The best part about them is that they don't bite at the instep like my Sallies did... I'd tightened them down to a slight distortion, which irritated the tissue & tendons atop my tibia so much that I had to have scar tissue removed. What I'd needed was a boot that was lower-volume from the toes through to the boot top. The Rossis have that lower volume. So I'm really looking forward to skiing them tomorrow. oh yeah, good choice on the skis! I am a shameless Fischer promoter/booster now that I've spent equal time on the SL carvers and the bigstix.

Scalce, after trying the 3D in different modes, I didn't reposition the 3D buckle. Don't know if you're suggesting I try that first... if you are, rest assured that I've tried every variable of buckle adjustment. Truly, the shell's volume is too much for my skinny feet/legs... and that's with the older, narrower Course last/fit. The fit worked well for 2 full seasons. Or perhaps I'm still evolving in my preference for boot fit, and am seeking ever closer feel.

I think that in my 10-year skiing hiatus (1990-2000), I forgot how closely I like my ski boots to fit. That's probably why this new Rossi is the best fit I've had since the San Marco AXS I was using in 1989, and why it's taken me 3 different fits/lasts/makers to find a better fit.

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Good luck with the new boots, you know I was just having a little fun with you. As to the B2 Freeride, I think you'll be happy with them if the fit is right. The guy I ski with is an excellent skier and he has this boot, new for this season. He went from a solli x wave 10 to the Freeride and loves this boot. But you've been at this long enough to know it's about what fits your foot best, not necessarily what others think. As to the Fisher skis, I think Rusty's influence finally got to me. I'll have to say, though, that your recent reviews helped speed the process along. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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I was asking about the 3D buckle position because I may move it on my boots.

I love my boot fit but would like it more snug right around my ankle so I assumed moving it higher would help.

I guess it can't hurt to try it.

Good luck with the Rossis.

I think I could fit in a 26.5 but it would have to be a certain manufacturer I'm sure.
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i have the 02 salomon x wave 9.0. i tried moving the 3-d buckle around, but although it fit a little better (just a little) it made the boot uncomfortable after a few runs on them. :
i moved it back to the original position and have been happy ever since!
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Maybe I will just leave mine alone for now since I just had work done on them anyway.

I'll fix one thing at a time.
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agree with mtbyker. don't fool with it unless you need to change instep volume. it's not going to do much to change your boot's ankle width/volume.

if you get loose in the ankle, try a butterfly wrap.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:

I got a pair of Rossi B2 Freeride, size 26.5.
Wow. I have the Sallies (Crossmax 10) in a 26.5 and the Rossi XX in a 26.5 was just too damn short in the toe box. I know that the Course last is a tighter fit, but I do find it interesting that you went from a 27.5 Sallie to a 26.5 Rossi.
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Bandit Man,

26.5 shell was correct. I should've got the 26.5 Sallie but was hurting from my blacktoe incident. That's the last time I try on boots when I have a sore big toe!

More importantly, the Rossi is lower-volume top-to-bottom, which is what I needed and didn't get in the Sallie. Didn't realize the difference until I skied the Rossi.

Rossi boot still needs L-Pads for ankle/heel retention, but fit everywhere else is MUCH better.
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