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Rod Smith retired in 2008





Isn't that Tele-bowing?


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I'm not superior to you, but Telemark is much better exercise than alpine and more a whole lot more fun.


A pretty lady hooted at me from the chairlift. Does that happen to alpine skiers?











You're right though.

I considered tele:




Then got interested in snowboarding...



         Snow Trails Ohio, 2007                                                            


But chose to stay with skiing...



ski-lebanon-fashion.jpg                                 Skiing in Lebanon, at Kfardebian


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I don't get it - she's on a snowboard in the last picture.  Shouldn't she be on skis?

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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

I don't get it - she's on a snowboard in the last picture.  Shouldn't she be on skis?

hehe...yes....I thought she was at the starting gate. I fixed it.


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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post



Isn't that Tele-bowing?


Is it just me, or does it look like Tebow is looking at his play sheet on his wrist? Maybe it isn't actually a play list but a pray card?

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Yo Pdid.., living member of barkeater society: you hit a tree and live. Hopefully, but not clearly, you get get a clue. 

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Interesting forum.  Years ago in the NFL there weren't as many devastating injuries becaue they had less equipment.  Now, with all the crap they wear, they feel impregnable and hit with three times the force they used to.

I think ski equipment has done the same thing now with easier turning skis, helmets, etc., as well as a "No Fear" attitude.  Along with the "No Fear" that they expose themselves to, there is a huge lack of concern for others today.  I always ski directly behind my grandson and whoa to the idiot that comes to close to him.  It's kinda like the stupid mentality of people that want to ban firearms, it's NOT that gun that kills but the jackass on the other side. If you are able, try skiing Alta, Jackson Hole, and areas where the general level of ability is higher.  I have skied Deer Valley and the ability is low and the crowds are huge.  Most New England ski areas with the exception of Mad River and Sugarloaf and possibly Wildcat have a very low level.  We now ski Alta only becasue the snow is the absolute best anyplace and there are no snowboarders as we have been hit multiple times by them. Regardless of whether it is snowboarding or skiers, it is the attitude that causes the problems.

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