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Awesome fly the world deal

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This groupon flight deal would make an amazing worldwide ski trip! A pair of tickets to fly worldwide (North America, Asia and Europe) with 10 stops for $10,000 (that's only $5,000 each person!).

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Pfffft, Economy class, Pleeeeease.wink.gif

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$20,000 for business.  I think it's a pretty good deal.  Just a few years too soon.

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Many airlines offer around the world tickets. Traveled a bunch 2 years ago and recall them being somewhere around $5-10k. Usually you have to keep moving in generally the same direction by continent though, clockwise or counter.

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This deal sold out fast although I have no idea what the limit was.
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When I bought a round the world ticket (europe, asia, oceania, nth america) it cost about 1500 dollars, that was a while back, but I'm sure you could find better deals than this.

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