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Burning Feet

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I've been using a pair of Dachstein V4 ski boots since 1990. They have given me good service until recently. Around luch time both of the bottoms of my feet start to burn. I have a high volumn foot with Bunions on both feet, my right foot having the largest one. Any ingformation would be appreciated. Jim
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Welcome aboard.
almost 10 years on the boots? how many days do you ski per year? do you have custom footbeds/orthotics? and is the burning a muscle cramp burn or feel like a sunburn or friction burn.
If it's muscle cramp, and just starting out the year you may just be grabbing with your toes. A custom footbed/fitting and working on relaxing your feet when you ski may be the fix.
If it feels like a sunburn/friction type burn, you may be packing in the liner of your boot and your foot may be swimming in the boot causing lots of friction. Again a foot bed/fitting is in order. maybe custom aftermarket liners. or new boots! 10 years is a pretty long life span for boots.
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I am guessing that after ten years of use reguardless of how many days these boots should go. I would also say that the burning could very well be from a fungus that is living in the boots. Athletes foot is caused by fungus. Even if it's not, it might be another kind of fungus causing the short term itching and burning. If you don't want to get rid of them at least pull the liners, give them a good disinfecting, and get some new foot beds or orthotics.

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