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Help with choosing ski's

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Hi guys. After some advice.


I am after some new ski's, I am a fairly solid piste skier, but I always end up trying to go off into powder and between the trees, which I really struggle with using the ski's I have. I know the technique is a big part of my problem, which I am working on, but I figure I need the right ski's too. I would like to have some decent all-mountain ski's, that I can use to good effect on the piste, but also venture off into the powder. probably be 75 - 25 in favour of piste, to get started.


I have been skiing for quite a while, Rating your own skiing is very difficult, and I appreciate it is near impossible to suggest ski's without seeing me ski etc. Reading reviews is helpful, but also can be misleading, so I'm after a bit of advice from people who have used the ski's. Budget isn't so much of a problem.


I have been looking at the Salomon BBR's but I am a bit skeptical.


I'm 6ft, 180lbs. I go to the Alps for approx. 2 weeks a season.


Thanks. Craig.

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Assuming this will be your only pair of skis and you don't mention anything other the Alps, I'll assume that is all that you ski. In Eu, it is fairly common to travel with your boots and "hire" your skis. Depending upon your goals, that is not a bad call except for a couple of flys in the ointment.


#1) Wider skis are not as popular in Eu as in North America. A common rental shop may have very limited selections in anything wider than say 75-80mm. These are great for on piste and off piste as well as long as there is limited snow depth. However, if you expect to see some deeper snow (say more than 12" or so) and you wish to gear yourself accordingly, then you may have some problems in finding the right ski.


#2) There is always the question of tuning. While many shops over there are very professional about tuning, some are not and also, some rely heavily on machine work for their tuning and this can present a mixed bag of tune quality.


So.....................If you decide to buy, here are a couple of options. Both are wider than you will commonly encounter in Eu "hire shops" There are several options in each case but I'll offer a couple of good ones in two different categories.


Hard snow biased: The Blizzard Magnum 8.7 is a firm flexing ski, 87mm wide that offers excellent edge grip and dampening. However it also has a small amount of tip rocker and a softer tip so it is quite tractable in shallower powder/crud. I'd suggest a 174


Mixed snow biased: Nordica Steadfast is 90mm wide with a medium flex and a little more tip rocker. The Steadfast is a lighter ski and is more nimble than the Magnum in bumps and more tractable in snow in the 12" or deeper range. While the Steadfast is not quite as grippy or stable on very hard snow as the Magnum it is good enough for most firm conditions. For this ski, I'd suggest a 178.



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