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Ski weekend near Boston MA

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Hello, I would like to ask for some help from the fellow skiers on the forum regarding some tips around the Boston area.

I'm from Brazil and I'm looking foward to a weekend of ski on the second week of february 2012.

My skill is intermediary but a friend joinning me is a beginner.

I'll have to decide to either rent a car or choose a place served by bus. I feel that more than 4 hours away from Boston would be too much.

We would appreciate if the mountain had an interesting view. (I loved the views from Lake Tahoe early this year!).

On places served by bus the availability of ski in-ski out lodging would be a plus.


Thanks a lot for the help!


I wish you all  a greta ski season.






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This is the Boston Ski and Sports club list of weekend bus trips they are running this winter:


My vote for the places with the best views are Wildcat and Bretton Woods, both in New Hampshire.  Neither one has ski-in / ski-out lodging though.  They are somewhat close to each other though, being ~45 minutes apart.  Bretton Woods in particular can be a lot of fun for beginners and intermediates -- there isn't much that's steep, but there's a lot of everything else.

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Actually, Bretton Woods does have condos accessible via Almost Home and Rosebrook trail on skier's right and via Presidential trail on skier's left.   So ski in/out is possible there.


If you're renting a car, I would 2nd KevinF's recommendation for BW as one of the most friendly ski areas for intermediate & beginner skiers, great views and typically better snow conditions than other NH areas.  It's about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Boston.


You'll be very limited in what you'll find for bars and restaurants close to BW.  The town of Conway is about 30-40 minutes south of BW and has a great variety of restaurants, bars and shops.  The road winds through a mountain pass and can get a little sketchy in bad weather.  Snow tires recommended, but may not come standard on rentals out of Boston.


If by bus, you might want to consider Stowe.  Quaint, New England town with reliable shuttle bus service between the mountain and town so you can enjoy some great skiing and catch a bus into town to sample a great variety of restaurants and bars.  There are new slope side accommodations at Stowe, but they are fairly high-end.  With the shuttle service, it's not unreasonable to stay in a hotel/motel along the access road.  It's at the end of you're 4 hour range from Boston, but well worth the trip.


Best of luck!



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Why not Sugarbush?


I think it is around 3.5 hr from Boston and is frequently listed as top 5 in the East.  I have only heard good things about it although I have not been there.

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There are a number of ski shops that run bus trips to New Hampshire from Boston.  These are usually day trips meaning a long day which can be fun.  I think two of the most scenic ski areas are Cannon Mountain and Wildcat but neither has slope side accomodations.


Driving a rental car opens up options in the 4 hour drive window that have sloped side accomodations.  Slope side accomodations can be expensive but make for easy start to the day, eating and shedding or adding extra layers.


Factoring in views and slope side accomodations I think that Sugar Bush, Bretton Woods, Stowe, Attitash and Sunday River would fit the bill of views and slope side accomodations.

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