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Good boot fitter in SLC area?

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My brother is flying in to SLC to ski at Snowbird, and has convinced me to go with him and try skiing again.   I stopped skiing years ago because my boots started hurting my feet, and I didn't have the money to buy new ones.  Rentals hurt even worse than my old boots.  My brother says with new ski boots, and a good boot fitter, I'll ski pain-free.  I have wide feet, bunions, and fallen metatarsal arches.  With orthotics, I can run with no problem and have no problem standing on my feet all day. I'm guessing I'll need a footbed for the boots, as well as modifications done to the shell.

That being said, how do I find a good bootfitter in the SLC area?  We'll be skiing at Snowbird, but I'm willing to go wherever to get boots and a good fit.  I'm really excited about getting back into skiing, but I know close to nothing about how and where to start.  I also don't want to spend more than $600 or so.  Any suggestions?

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Steve Bagley is mentioned in one of the threads above and I've seen his name mentioned in a bunch of other threads here. If you're skiing at Snowbird, it's probably best to go with him so that you can get adjustments made during the day.


Setting a budget limit of $600 is going to be tough. The boot alone will cost probably cost about that much. You definitely need footbeds. I too have a bunion and a collapsed arch, and good footbeds were a godsend. They cost me $200 but were worth every penny. 


Remember to put it all into perspective. Every lift ticket is at least $60. Add in the cost of lodging, airfare, etc for a ski vacation. A few hundred extra to get your boots set up properly will pay itself off in spades. You just can't enjoy skiing with poorly fit boots. You'll end up throwing a lot more good money after bad. Cut your losses and make the investment up front. My $0.02.

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Thanks so much for the advice. Now I have some names to work with. I think you're right about the money.  It's going to pay off in the long term.

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Thank you for the threads.  I'm new to this site, and I appreciate the help.

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If you ski no more than 20 days a year then think of the cost of the boots over 10+ years.


Two other names worth thinking about are Brent Amsbury in PC, (http://parkcityskiboot.com/) and Daleboot in SLC.


Although getting fit on the mountain is great, 1) it will usually cost more, 2) there are certain attitude issues one sometimes encounters from the staff at on mountain shops. (just my personal experience on multiple occasions)


Also, considering your bunion issue, consider a custom liner - or at least be prepared for the boot fitter to recommend one. That's another 200 clams there.


Finally: call up these places up and talk to a fitter for a few minutes to get a sense of what they might have in mind, and make an appointment in advance. No point in showing up in UT and waiting around for hours staring at the mountain because you don't have an appointment.

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I was very happy with Cole's at Deer Valley. Agree with others that you should spend a bit more on them if you can. smile.gif

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Brent Amsbury just got my new boots all set up for me last Friday afternoon at Big Sky and there was a incredible difference in how the boots felt and skied the next two days.  I highly recommend him.  But, you will need an appointment.

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I highly recommend the Steve Bagley approach at Snowbird. He will get to the core of your foot issues first and talk boots second based on that. You don't want to make something, "less worse"!

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