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Pat sent me over a fresh pair of 183 fatties and I've been skiing them for about a week.
Me: 5'10 150 elbows wet 39 years young
Days skied so far this year 25+
Hometown: Aspen, Colorado

I was hesitant taking these puppies out considering the conditions supplied by Mother Nature have not been so glorious as of late. The best stuff i have had these in was 6" of fresh and everything else has been hard and fast with a side of ice, rocks, cookies and crust. These sticks are the bomb. They love being driven, arcing huge turns and digging trenches across the mountain. I have trouble describing them as damp because of how light and lively they are yet they seem to just plow through crud, carve deep trenches in hardpack and are stable at mach 1. I fkn love these. The carbon fiber creates a rebound effect that is addicting when carving up the mountain. The rocker is the perfect size so chatter is not a side effect. I have full confidence on these boards. I know people on this board jones over what length skis to purchase and i have to say considering their feather weight and huge radius these bad boys will please a lot of people. They are effortless in the trees and good through the bumps. I am not a one quiver guy but if i was these might be my girls. Also a shout to everyone who did Chris Klug's Summit For Life last night, it was a blast for a good cause.

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They look great. Interesting. Coupla questions: 1) How do they compare with the Lhasa Pows, if you've skied those, or comparable skis like the Prior Overlord or Moment Jaguar Shark? And 2) Pat said on TGR he was having some startup issues with the getting the full carbon sheets to play nice. How is the fit and finish? Are bases stone ground now or belt? Thanks. 

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The 183 Fats are Bros, so they have a traditional sidecut. The Lhasa Pows are semi-pintails.  If you look at the tail dimensions in comparison to the tips the Lhasa Pows taper up about twice as much.  Bros carve better than the Lhasas.  I love the Lhasa in the pow and trees. These are also really maneuverable.  I need to ski them in pow and i will right more.  In current conditions I prefer the 83 fat over the lhasa but love owning both.   I love skiing on carbon it adds runs to your day.    Tight joint fits and smooth.  They are full stoneground ceramic stone base and edge beveled. I mounted mine and skied on them for 5 or 6 days before i had a chance to get them tuned and was happy with the way they came out of the box.  Just had them tuned...even better.  Sun was out carved huge turns all day today....they are sweet.  

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Useful. I owned the Lhasa's, so can see the points of comparison. 

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