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Boots slightly too big or just right?...

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I've been skiing in Dalbello Proton P8 boots for the past few seasons and I've always wondered if my boots were slightly too big, which perhaps is holding me back in my progress.  My feet measure 11 1/2 and I'm in 295 boots, in which my original fitter said I was a 'tough case' at the time as I was in between sizes but ultimately he felt I was closer to the 295 area than 290 sized boots.  I just did a shell test for the first time and I'm at exactly 1 inch spacing between the heel and shell, with the sides of my feet almost touching the shell as well.  As for skiing, I feel like my feet move around a bit too much unless I really tighten up the buckles, in which I then have to worry about pain/circulation issues.  In the end, I find a happy medium with comfort and overall performance.  Speaking of fit, I've always assumed that your feet shouldn't move much at all in your boots regardless, but more and more I'm reading that its okay for your feet to move some in a relaxed state...just that they shouldn't move much if at all when in a skiing position (bent knees, etc.); the good news for me is they seem mostly snug in the skiing position with little heel movement.  In a relaxed, non-skiing position I can move my heel up and down quite easily.


With all that being said, does this sound like my boots are too big or am I fairly dialed in overall?  Finally, last year this time I took my boots back in and they put an additional insole underneath my surefoot foot bed and recommended that I wear thicker socks if needed.  The additional foot bed helped but I never bothered wearing thicker socks, but for whatever reason I still feel like my boots should be more snug and I'm worried its holding back my progress as a strong intermediate skier, especially on the harder runs.  Thoughts anyone?  Thanks in advance.

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please read, and re-read this link.


but to answer your questionyour boots are 1-2 sizes too big.


most people are looking for a 5-15mm shell fit and you are 25 (1 inch) so ya,  too big.  also, th XX.0 and XX.5 are the same shell, and the liners just stretch to fill that size, so either will fit the same in the long run.   if you are in a 29.5 the next real size down is 28.5 or 28.0 (again, same thing)

you need a 28 for sure, and maybe a 27 shell.




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Thanks and I did read all of that; I believe it said that up to 1 inch is acceptable which is where I'm at currently (and is why I'm asking the question).  I've read elsewhere 1 inch is fine too but just don't go over that. 

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if your foot is moving, and you think too big, they are too big.

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1 inch is not fine for any skier that skis more than 3 days per year.


the dalbello P8 is also a high volume boot in the heel/ankle as well as over the top of the foot. so if your foot is average in any way, with a 1 inch space in the heel, you probably have a 1 inch space over your instep.


internet boot fitting blows, your boots are way too big, get off the internet and in to a ski shop!



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Thanks and thanks to everyone else for your input.  Without question I'm heading in this week; there's an ABB boot fitter right up the street from me so I'm sure they'll know what they're doing and get me into something much better.  Starthaus, you're dead on regarding volume...my Dalbellos are actually quite snug up front...its the back of my feet and heel that move around quite a bit, which is driving me nuts.  I've been able to get away with it up until now as previously I skied blues, but now that I'm tackling tougher terrain I feel like I have too much movement and am not as crisp on turns as I should be.  My typical day involved really buckling down my boots, skiing for 1-2 hours until my feet were in agony, loosening them up and skiing easier runs for an hour or so, then repeating the whole process over again. 


I was about to take the plunge on a new set of skis but I now know where that money will be going.

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