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Helmet Help.

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Ive finally decided to purchase a helmet for skiiing, but the options are seemingly endless. I am a 30 year old father of 3 that skis the east coast. Ive been skiing since I was 10, but didnt ski much in my twenties up until a few years ago. With that said what should I be looking for? Fit/Comfort? Certain brands better than others? Ive googled ski helmet reviews and they are pretty much useless. I tried on a Giro Nine.10 and it felt well and was comfortable but I really cant find any info on it, reviews and such. Other than this site is there any site than has reviews done by skiers? Im looking for as much info as possible.



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What you should concern yourself primarily are fit and comfort.  Then you can worry if it matches your outfit (sorry... I had to throw that in).  You can also look at other features like adjustable vents, so you can control how much air goes in and out of your helmet.  If Bluetooth/Skullcandy compatibility is an issue, there are helmets with that option.


The Giro Nine.10 (and earlier incarnations) has been one of Giro's better selling helmets.  It fits a lot of head shapes and is reasonably priced.  If it fits your needs, buy it.



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Be prepared to replace your goggles. Different goggles interface better with some helmets than others; you really want to avoid the dreaded "gaper gap" between the top of the goggles and the brim of the helmet.

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Or bring your goggles with you when you try on helmets.  I had to try nearly every helmet in Val D'Isere but eventually found a perfect fit without having to buy new goggles.

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Great move Dad! I started skiing with a helmet when my son was little and it was time to teach him. I didn't want to be a hypocrite so I bought a helmet. That was 15 years ago. Since then I've owned perhaps 7 helmets. I'm currently wearing a Smith Vantage and I like it a lot. Here are some of my priorities for helmet purchase (more or less in order):


Fit (I have an oval melon - some helmets are generally more round (Boeri, POC), some more oval (Smith, Giro). Also, do the straps work well around my ears and clasp well under the chin.

Vents - I sweat when I'm skiing. Even when I lived on the east coast I hated helmets without vents because they just insulated too well. I like having the ability to close the vents on a deep, cold day. Similarly, I like removable earpads. I leave them home and keep a thin headband in my coat on cold days in case my ears get cold.

Weight - heavy = bad. No, you should not use your motorcycle/snowmobile helmet skiing.

Goggle compatibility - Do the goggle fit in the helmet. And does the helmet have a goggle strap retention device (something on the back holding the strap on, in case they flip up and try to fall off the back of my head).

Looks - gotta look cool. Speaking of cool - I've also found that white helmets seem slightly cooler in the spring sunshine than black/gray helmets. It probably doesn't make much difference, but at least psychologically it makes sense to me.

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I have a Giro G10 and love it.  A few reasons why: air vents that can be opened or closed, adjustable interior so I can wear a beanie underneath if I want, and then a comfortable chin-strap with lots of padding.

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Great stuff guys. Thanks for the help. I guess Im off to the ski shop with goggles in tow.

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I just bought a new helmet for this season since my one from last year sat very high on my forehead, I bought the POC Skull X in a bright red color.  There is very little space between the helmet and the goggles.  The fit is the most important of all.  I am all about comfort.  I had helmets that had the air vent, but my those did not fit right around my ears.  I don't like to listen to music while I ski, so a snugger fit around the ears is not bad.  Don't forget if the helmet does not have a goggle clip mounted to the helmet it might be an attachment, make sure you ask at the store.  ALso try on several different brands, each brand has a different fit and different comfort.  


Stay safe and have fun this ski season

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