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Nordica WC 150 vs 130

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I have had a preliminary fit of the WC boot as a 150 and it looks like it may work for me.  I am curious as to the structural differences between the 150 and the 130.  Is the plastic the same type and thickness in the clog (plug fit with plastic thickness enabling grinding for fit)?  Have the saddle cuts been performed in the 130 as opposed to the 150 making for the softer flex, or is the plastic itself softer?  Thanks!

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I think the clog is a bit lower in the front.

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plastic same thickness, a little lower at the front of the clog and the saddle cuts from what i remember of the last one i dismantled were a little deeper

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Thank you Gentlemen, that's the information I was looking for!

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130 = 43 shore Ploy Ether, 150 = Nylon 8, 

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