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Was going to go with an Inferno, but decided it would take too much work to get it to what I want.  Looking now at the Tecnica Demon 110 with a Boot Doc liner and a Comformable tongue, and just wondering about opinions as how to soften the boot if needed.  Lower cuff buckle strap does not look like it is interfering with the lower shell either when flexing.


Also is the cuff rigidly fixed to the lower shell at the spine -ie no vertical movement between the two?  And does the rear bolt that holds the Rebound/ Powerflex plate come out or is it a fake?


 Reason I ask is I hate the cheese grater ribbing on the cuff (as it will destroy the liner's heel) and want to fit some thin plastic over it and tuck it between the cuff and lower shell so it won't catch the liner.  To do this it would be a lot easier if I could shift the cuff up to do a bit of dremel work first, to allow me to slide some plastic in, but I would not want to snap off a fake bolt (seems to be a few faux bolts on the boots).  Alternative is to take some top sheet tape (or someTuck tape -the red building envelope stuff) and run it from the top of the cuff down onto the lower shell, but this is only if the cuff and lower shell are fixed and do not need to move apart - it looks fixed to me, but maybe there is some sort of flexible dampener in there I don't know about.