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did i tear my ACL?

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A month ago I was playing back yard football and I went to dive and catch the ball and I landed on my knee really hard and i felt my kneecap like move down. There was instant swelling. But not that bad of pain. I was wondering if I tore my ACL. It collapses when i try walking on it. But not that bad of pain. I have seen so many doctors and this past one was the only one that's tried anything bout the ligaments. And he says my ACL seems "sloppy".
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Hm.  That's doesn't sound like the normal fall for an ACL tear.  ACL tears happen when the knee twists -- upper and lower parts of the leg go in opposite directions.  I'm no doc -- maybe you can damage an ACL by landing on your knee.  See an orthopedics doc.

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Unfortunately, your injury sounds like a classic torn ACL. If it "gives out" when you walk I would be very suspicious of your ACL being torn. I've  had 4 ACL reconstructions and none of the injuries that caused them to tear were the same. That ACL is a funny thing. Sometimes it's painful and other times it's not.


One of my torn ACL's happened due to me jumping off a mogul and landing funny. I didn't even fall when it happened. If the doc says your ACL seems sloppy it generally means there is no firm "endpoint" when he is pulling the femur in front of the tibia. I'd get an MRI to be sure. It may only be a partial tear which will often heal itself over the span of about a year. Sorry about your luck but good luck in your recovery. 



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You need to go to a decent doctor. An orthopod can usually tell within about 5 sec if you've torn your ACL. They'll still send you for an MRI, but they know 98% of the time.

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Sounds like it to me.  You need appt with orthopedic surgeon. 

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