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Introducing 'The Powder Bible' & Limited Time Xmas Discount for EpicSki Members

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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to an eBook that I have just published online. It's called 'The Powder Bible' and it's available on http://powderbible.com

First - a little about me. I'm a lifelong skier from Australia - and our remote (and dry) location means that I have travelled extensively to ski. I worked as a Ski Instructor for 10 years which led to 21 winters back-to-back between Australia and Colorado/Utah. I became fully Certified (Level IV) by APSI and then a Trainer / Examiner (Level III) & sat on the APSI Technical Committee and contributed to the writing of the APSI Teaching Manual.

I came form a racing background but as time went on I became less interested in the smooth slopes and more interested in the deep stuff. 6 years living in Utah definitely helped this and I travelled extensively to all the resorts in the region which I know well and love.

Since my ski career I've gotten a 'real job' and over the last 4 years I've been on a number of ski vacations to the US, Europe & NZ, and kept on getting powder. In fact I would estimate that at least 80% of the days on these vacations, totalling 3+ months of skiing were spent in powder. Trip reports for the most recent adventures are available here: http://powderbible.com/category/trip-reports/

Friends told me how lucky we were, but in reality luck had nothing to do with it. These were the same friends who booked their vacations well in advance to resorts with good marketing but a poor snow record.

My time in the US, coupled with being a devotee of Tony Crocker's snow statistics told me that snowfall is irregular, and even the most snow-sure resorts are prone to a couple of weeks of high pressure. That's fine when you live near the snow year-round, but when you're using valuable vacation time and flying across the world, those odds aren't good enough.

How did we keep getting the powder? Simple - we were Flexible, Mobile & Connected. We cast a wide net, we were prepared to chase the snow and we used the power of the Internet to follow forecasts and social media to keep in touch with conditions.

I wrote The Powder Bible to outline the techniques we used to keep getting powder, in addition to this I have devised a ranking index based on Tony Crocker's fabulous stats and then included a Resort Guide with 35 resorts world-wide famous for powder skiing. Also I have chapters on Powder Technique, Fitness, Equipment and more.

In the spirit of the holidays I would like to offer EpicSki members and readers a limited time Christmas discount. The Powder Bible is regularly priced at $29.95* but I would like to offer EpicSki Members a $5 discount. The Powder Bible is available exclusively at http://powderbible.com and the discount can be redeemed by using the code 'EPIC' at checkout.

The Powder Bible has been added to the Epic Gear Database, and if you purchase it, I would love for you to leave a review to advise others: http://www.epicski.com/products/the-powder-bible-by-richard-ross

The Powder Bible is available exclusively as a PDF eBook. I am currently waiting on Apple's approval for the iBook Store. The PDF is unrestricted so you can share it amongst your devices and print pages if you so desire.

*This is AUD but the exchange rate is roughly equal with the USD, fluctuating a couple of percent either way over the last few weeks.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding The Powder Bible please don't hesitate to ask.
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Great to see some Bears taking advantage of the Xmas discount. I hope you love it and it changes how you think about your ski vacations - with the result being epic pow! (however thin on the ground it may be at the moment).

If you have bought it I'd love for you to drop by this page and leave a review: http://www.epicski.com/products/the-powder-bible-by-richard-ross

Even better if you follow the advice & score pls post a trip report and let me know about it on http://twitter.com/aussieskier or http://facebook.com/powderbible
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Hate Shopping? Love Skiing? Need a gift for a skier? Have The Powder Bible delivered instantly to your desktop! http://powderbible.com
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The Powder Bible is now available on Kindle for the low price of $9.99


Naturally as the Kindle is a black and white e-ink device the book is not as rich graphically as the full PDF version but the written content is reproduced 100%

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