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body height in relation to boot flex???

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Does a taller person create more leverage on the boot? I am tall but do not weigh much. It seems that when driving really hard I end up poking head out more in relation to speed and steepness of terrain and feel that this mashes/flexes my boot more.  


I have been skiing nordica dobberman 130 WC for the past 4 seasons and love them. I have been on a Rossignol experience 130 this year and dont seem to be able to get the same fit, not as tight, which seems to be causing more movement in the upper part of the boot. So when I feel as if I am driving this boot hard I have a lot more upper boot movement or slop. I can always improve my technique, but I just didnt seem to have this problem in my Nordicas. I feel that the slop in the top in combination with my height is creating more "energy" when really thrown into the front of the boot causing the boot to flex/move more than it should, not really a smooth flex either. Sorry about the lack of terminology any help is appreciated. Ryon

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why not stick with, or go back to the nordicas,  just sounds like a better fit/flex?


but yes,  a taller leg, can make more leverage on the boot, so might need a softer boot.

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Do you think there would be a performance benefit to skiing a softer boot?

I really like the Dobbermans but got a great deal on the Rossignols and thought I could try and make them work. How do you know when a boot is worn out? I get quite a few days a year and figured that since I had been in them four seasons that they needed  to be replaced before they give out. How long do boots generally last?

On Saturday after skiing all day I cut some plastic out of the upper cuff and it allowed me to get a tighter fit around my calf and ankle. Both Sunday and Monday felt a lot better on the groomers. Thanks for the response, Ryon 

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Not certain I understand the direction here.  I think what Mtnlion meant to say was taller person could use stiffer boot.



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OK, thanks. What do you think about cutting plastic out of the boots?

Thanks again,


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Couple suggestions.


1) try snugly running your power strap around just the liner and tongue underneath the upper cuff plastic then buckle the top two buckles.  This will eliminate slop and make the boot feel a bit stiffer and eliminate delay from spoiler to tongue.


2) A longer lower leg will many times cause your knee to plumb out too far forward over your feet so a gas pedal or lifter plate under your boot toe would pull your knees back into a more upright stance and solve your issues.



A shorter foot with a longer lower leg will have more leverage to flex a boot than a long foot and short lower leg.  Simple physics.

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Thanks Bud. I will try that in the morning. I can only be in the BC for the next few days, which means boot slop even when tight. I will get back to the chair later this week and I can give the power strap around the liner only a try. In the long run, calf implants might be the best thing for me. I am above average in "skinny". Thanks again and happy solstice.

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