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Mounting Vist Speedlock plates

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I'm about to mount Vist Speedlock plates, and their installation/service manual instructs not to use a binding glue.  Any idea what could be wrong with that?  I could see that filling the hole with glue, could lead to creating pressure, and delaminating the base, but other than than, I don't see how the glue could cause any harm.



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I don't know the answer but the VIST distributor for the US is located at a shop called Nordic House in Stratton.

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The guy you want to talk to from VIST North America is Tom Maneggia (office in Stratton).  I have hidden his contact details in the spoiler box below so the spam robots don't capture his info.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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Thanks vsirin and exracer.  I'll call Tom.


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