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My Atomic R11:20 Review

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Just wanted to review these boards since this site helped me w/sizing. About size, I am 5’11” 170lbs and got the 180cm. Perfect size for me. Would not want any shorter. They turn quick enough and swing weight feels low to me.

I love love love these planks. I spent 4 days in Tahoe on them and encountered every condition imaginable, from ice runs to slush to 2-3’ of pow at Squaw. They are great in every situation I have come across. They can turn in pretty much whatever shape you want. For powder they don’t float quite the same as a *true* big mountain ski, but they are very well behaved and do what you ask. I was able to keep up with everyone on their super fat skis and once you get into anything that isn't super deep they dominate. I like how you can just hold the edge as long as you want, or crank it out and finish the turn quickly. I am still figuring out how to ski bumps in them; they tend to want to make C shaped turns rather than just following the fall line straight between bums; so if you are a bump hound look elsewhere (although I feel with proper technique they can ski bumps really well, I just have to adjust). For an all mountain all-condition ski that rips it is a winner.
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Just wanted to say that I too got advise on size from this site for my 11.20's. I am 5'8", 158 lbs. and went with the 170's. I love the skis in every condition--skied every thing from hard snow to chopped powder--not any thing too fluffy --but good soft snow and found them great in every condition. I think its a great all mountain ski. Maybe because of the shorter length--I found them very cooperative in the bumps. Great ski.
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I'm 6', 180 and have the 11.20 in a 180. I skied them only 2 days last year on March 12-13 at Snowbird...that was the 2-day period they got 60 inches. They were great in the light and fluffy. I have never skied on the truly fat skis, but after skiing for 30+ years in all conditions (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, California, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, West Virginia, Germany, Austria), they were a dream in the powder.

I just skied on them at Sunday River last week and was disappointed in their performance on hard snow. My other pair of skis is a K2 Merlin VI in 193 and I love them on the harder snow conditions. I didn't have a problem with the length of the 11.20's; they run great at all speeds on soft snow, but despite several technique changes, I couldn't keep up with my 60-year-old dad on his Dynastar Speed SX's on the "Packed Powder" conditions that existed at the end of the day.

I still like them, but they aren't the be all, end all for all conditions.
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I recently traded my 11.20 180's for 170's. Although I loved the 180 in soft snow, edge hold was disappointing on hard snow. For me, (6', 170#) the 170 is a completely different ski, with fantastic edge hold on hard snow.

I assume that the flex pattern of the 180 demands harder skiing and faster speeds than I provide. I expect the tighter turning radius of the shorter ski helps as well.

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I have last year's 11.20 in a 180.
They are really fantastic at high speeds or softer snow, but I am also finding that the skis may be a bit too stiff for me (5'11", 150lbs) for shorter turns on hard snow.

So I too am considering trading it for a 170. Does anyone have any advice on what the least expensive way to do this is?

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