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I have just been reading the 'backseat skiing' thread in the ski instruction forum and it made me wonder about my own alignment/boot setup. I haven't got any massive problems with my boots (except I just got new ones, so am having them ground etc), but that thread made me wonder if I should/could be doing more in that regard, and whether it would help my skiing.


A problem is that I don't really have access to anyone that is an instructor and a boot fitter, my boot fitter is fine enough, he's a podiatrist as well, and has fixed some niggles with my footbed and shell issues in the past, but he doesn't ski all that well, so I'd be hesitant about any advice he would give me after watching me ski.


Are there ways I can play around with my boot setup on a trial and error basis? Without permanently changing my boot? I have seen people playing around with shims/ducttape under their boots etc, how does that work?


As I said, I don't have any major problems with my boots, or my skiing really, but I am just wondering if I could get an easy performance jump without doing too much work!