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binding mount point on twins

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What is the skinny on mount points on twins. ?

On the mount grid,,way fwd says "center",,a good inch back, it says "team", and another good inch back, no words just a large tic mark.

My intrest would be for general skiing mostly pow and crud,,,no park/pipe/ etc....

Facts please no opinions



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FACT- binding mount point is a matter of personal preference. Those that are interested in park skiing and skiing switch often prefer to be center mounted, the 'team line' is where the brands sponsored athletes generally prefer the mount point, the more symmetrical the ski the closer to center it should be mounted... that's about it for FACTS.


if you are interested in a semi-educated opinion, tell me what ski and binding it is and I'll give mine.

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Thanks for your quick response re. the question.

I raised the question both for personal education as well as where the optimum mount point for my personal use of Atomic Coax 183's would be.

The use is stricktly for sidecountry and pow days. No park/pipe, or the like.

Over the years, I have found that boot center mark  agrees  well with the mfg's suggested mount point as silk screened on the top skin. [after verifing w/ a tape measure] [traditional ski designs]

My foot length/ arch location is proportionately  normal so there are no shell length compensations for anormalaties, and shell length varies 314-316 from Nukes to RX130's.

I'm a "babe in the woods",,,or rather,,, "an old buck in the weeds" on the subject of twins and current design, and do not want to get left behind,,ever.

Thank you for your kind consideration and knowledge which I interpret as greater than you admit to.

Feel free to expound regarding general knowledge on this subject. I'm listening........



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