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Shop horror story

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But....I wanna know!
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updated 12/4/2011 3:15:51 PM ET



When Luke Wehner saw a Groupon for a ski tune-up for $12 at Ski North in McMurray, he said he thought he'd take them up on the offer.

"And then when I went to pick them up, the store was closed," said Wehner.

The sign on the store's door said customers could email the owner to get their skis or snowboard, but Wehner said the email he sent bounced back.

"They have my skis. They're worth well over $600 dollars and ski season is going to be starting here," said Wehner.

Wehner said he was unaware that Ski North had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last month, listing $352,000 in assets and $1.4 million in debts.

Wehner said he was not told of the bankruptcy filing when dropping his skis off.

"It makes me wonder what kind of business practices they're practicing over there," he said.

Calls and email from Team 4's Paul Van Osdol to the owner of Ski North were not returned.

An attempt to reach the owner at his home was also unsuccessful.

"My biggest worry is that my skis will be tied up in a bankruptcy hearing and I won't be able to use them this season," said Wehner.

Wehner said Groupon reimbursed him for his ski tune-up and another coupon he got for discounted merchandise.

The online coupon company told him they knew nothing about Ski North's financial problems.

Ski North has also closed stores in Robinson and Wexford.




There was some weird coding or something so this came up when I quoted the OP



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Yikes.  If I could see them through the window, I'd be getting myself a hammer and coming back at 2 AM.

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He probably bought the skis and bindings from an internet dealer at half what that shop could break even at.  


Oh the...



It really is kind of a shame how difficult it is for brick and mortar businesses to stay alive these days.  They were even trying to capitalize on the one aspect that internet dealers can't, SERVICE!  Oh well..


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Racedude, thanks for fixing my posting glitch. What a story. Did too much discount business from Groupon drive them over the edge?

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Crazy. I would be pissed if that happened. Defiantly come back at night to get my skis.
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What a shame.  When I lived in the Burgh, I use to shop there.  They were a good shop.  Now more people will be forced to go to Willi's and the owner is an arrogant D*ckhead.


I hope the OP as well as their other customers get their skis back without too much hassle.


Rick G

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