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Ski Advice - Atomic Beta Ride

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Hi - I have been skiing for the last 10 years or so, usually just once or twice per year so I just rent whenever I go. I am hoping to start getting out closer to 5 times/year and found a pair of used skis that I am considering purchasing but really don't have the knowledge to make a good decision so I am hoping that the community here can help me out. 


The skis are Atomic Beta Ride 10.20 and are in good physical condition. I've looked up reviews for the skis and almost all of them are very positive, but they are all 5-10 years old (from what I've seen it looks like the skis are from 2001 or 2002). Does anyone have any thoughts on these skis? Are they badly out dated or would they be a good ski for someone who goes out about 5 times per year? I would be able to get the skis (w/ bindings... no boots or poles) for only $60, so it is quite tempting but I don't want to buy them if they are going to be far worse than rental skis. 


Thanks in advance for any input!

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awesome good ski if:

you're a good skier

like a solid hard/packed snow ski

charge the hill

can ski older school and not worry about length

like near-race performance.

definitely worth $60 if you want to rip oldstyle GS turns on a hard surface hill.

froggie's wild ride in bumps... but running them with air between bumps gets you down the hill...


not so great if:

you want something just to shimmy down the hill

you're not into carvin a turn

are put off by a little heft to the ski

like to hang your ass in the backseat

want something modern, wider, shorter

expect to have some days in POW


personally I think the bindings suck...

but nice adjustments...


not so great at Liberty  or 7 springs (2 turn ski..) moe betta on a bigger, machine snow, hill


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They are going to be better than rental skis by a lot. I don't recall the sidecut on them but I don't think they were very turny. I demoed the skis years ago and thought they were terrific but physically very heavy (I am not a big person). The were great crud busters and they had good edge hold. They don't have the most current technology but they are not obsolete by any means. As I recall, they were fairly forgiving. They are a fairly stiff ski so as you develop, work on carving them rather than just riding them around. If I saw a pair at a swap for $60 I might be tempted to pick them up too.

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Fantastic, thanks for the input. As far as I can see, the skis will be used almost 100% on groomed hills. I'm definitely comfortable with carving and when I get to the hill I like to have as much fun as possible (so not shimmying down the hill). Thanks again - I think I'll look into getting them (at $60 it only takes a couple of days of renting to recoup the cost). 

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 My main rides are a pair of Atomic 1022 beta rides and a pair of Salomon x10's with pilot bindings......both pairs cost close to $1000 and I bought them the same winter because I liked things about each of them.

The Atomic beta channel technology is awesome......let's you cruise thru crud and ice at high speeds with confidence.....it feels like a race ski its's so stable.  Altho someone has said it's a heavy ski, it feels light to me and I only weigh 145 lbs.  I do bumps all day and it can go from turn to turn with no problem.  In deep snow, I feel it sinks too much because it's a bit narrow but maybe that's my technique.  In steep and deep, it seems to do fine.


My Salomons feel a bit more recreational in that you can carve smooth turns at a lower speed due to the Pilot technology.  Very smooth on the groomers, still fine in the bumps, but not the ultra confidence at speed on ice and crud that my Atomics give me.


Although both are nice advanced skiis, I almost always reach for the Atomics due to the ride.


They are definitely worth the $60 bucks.....awesome technology!

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