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Oregon over Christmas

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In a desperate search for turnable snow, I've decided to throw my skis in the car when we go visit the inlaws for Christmas in Eugene.  Since I have precisely zero ski days in Oregon, what would our local Oregon Bears suggest for a viable destination?  

What I like in a resort:  I'm not into crowds, prefer expert terrain (although since this will likely be my first ski days of the season I'd head for something less steep the first day or two).  Happy with creaky old lifts, they tend to keep the crowds down.  Will likely be trailing a couple of kids for whom affordable instruction would be a good thing... I like to get them lessons whenever we're within striking distance of a ski school.  We've created monsters.  ;)


What say you?



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Willamette Pass and Hoodoo are both within day skiing striking distance from Eugene.  Unfortunately, I haven't skied at either one of them.  We have been blessed/cursed with sunny, cold weather with no precipitation since before Thanksgiving here in Portland so no new snow in the mountains.  It can change overnight but there is sun in the forecast for the next week.  I hope we get new snow because we plan to be at Bachelor over New Years.

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