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Skiing Vail From Breckenridge?

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If I stay in Breckenridge can I get to Vail by free shuttle bus on a reasonable basis (no long waits, no wait for next bus because this bus is full) during weekdays?


If I have a car, can I drive from Breck to somewhere close to Vail, park for free, and take a Vail shuttle from parking lot (I know there is little free parking in Vail but I'm not sure if there is equivalent of "commuter lots" to the east of Vail along I-70).


My thoughts are that I'd stay in Breckenridge for a few months and ski both Breck and Keystone half the time and Vail the other half if commuting to Vail can be done reasonably.

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The Summit Stage runs Breck to Copper (for free), but not on to Vail.


Yes, there is limited free parking in Vail, both East and West, but they can fill up.  Pays to look at the Vail bus schedule to avoid waits.


I rode up the lift with a girl at Vail who lived in Breck and said she almost exclusively skied Vail- not sure why she didn't live on that side of the pass...

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