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Crap! thought I had a decision made, now I have no clue.

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I was going to pick up a pair of coreupt candide pow's for my powder/park/all mountain ski this year, but after talking to quite a few people im completley unsure. I like a standard camber ski that has a good amount of energy or pop if you want to call it that. Im looking for a twin tip so I can get more into park skiing on the days when we dont have perfect snow. I also have started venturing into the trees more but my powder boards are too narrow to float at slow speed and too long for me to make quick turns in the trees on. Im and upper advanced level skier, and a bigger guy at 6' and 215. I ski about everything on the mountain, bumps included but these wont be my bump ski unless the snows soft. Im looking for a 100 waist standard camber twin tip with some energy, am I chasing the rainbow here? Or is there something out there?

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Take a look at the Icelantic Nomad(105mm) or Shaman(110mm).  Both are twin tip and have camber.  I use my Shamans almost exclusively and I can accelerate out of turns on the groomers if I want.  I use it in the trees and also in the bumps.

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Im considering the nomads, ive got a friend that tele's on the shamans, he loves em. Im gonna be using them in the park so probably go for the nomads, looking for a pair now, be buying within the next couple weeks. Also considering the elan pogo sticks.

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The ski logik Ullr's chariot or Rave might fit the bill, the rave is on the narrower side but from what I've heard about it its pretty close to what you're lookin for!

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Make sure you do yourself a favor. Get a ski that has close to symetrical dimensions, and is designed to have a center or close to center mount. After all you have specified that you are going to do some park.


Look at the ON3P Jeronimo. Still plenty of camber with splay in the tip an tails. Made and designed by people who ski the way you seem to want to go.




Not to mention thicker bases and edges than all the stuff everyone else is putting out.

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Armada TST is camber'd underfoot, may not ski to well backwards. Rossi S3 for camber, but also the scimater sounds exactly like what you described wanting, other than camber. I have not skied scimater but some of my friends really liked it and they like things with camber in general. Also, the 4frnt turbo is a great ski for the park and still rips all over. Being as big as you are maybe look at the Atomic Coax, its a great ski. I have been on the TST for the past 10 days and really like it, so I am biased (very) towards it right now.

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Thanks guys, all has been taken into consideration. The ski logiks and 4frnt's are a little above my price range, wish I had an unlimited budget, but im still a student. Still considering the coreupts (low price fits most of my wants) and the pogo sticks (299 on skis.com) any word on either?

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2010 Pow's bought from L9 with px-15 binders on their way. Found some reviews on newschoolers and a few other places that said they were stiff for their weight, nimble, good in the powder, and have a low swing weight. Downside is they were made in China, but hey, for under 400 I will take it, and possibly spend the saved cash on some racetigers  or rc4's. I'll be writing a full review once we get enough snow to cover up the hidden rocks and trees.

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They're exactly what I was looking for, skied em and loved em, quality of build seems pretty good, not immaculate, but good enough, skied them in about every condition and they handled it all very well, its my new one ski quiver.

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