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Ski boot recommendation

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Looking at getting new boots and needed some advice on what brand. I'm 39 mother and a fairly good skier (blues and easy blacks). Looked at Surefoot but seemed excessive for a recreational skier. We ski about 20 days a year. Let me know your thoughts! Thx!

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Depends on the shape of your foot, but my wife swears by her Rossignol boots. Very good women's boots...

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Get properly fitted, all brands make good boots. You need to get one that fits your foot shape properly, do it right the first time around, you won't regret it.   Dave

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Brand means nothing.  Zero.  Nothing.  The only thing that matters is fit, and no one can do that over the internet. 

Go to a good shop, one with a really good bootfitter, and take time to figure out which boot fits and has the flex that's appropriate. 

DON'T try to cheap-out or buy a specific brand b/c it's "better". 

DON'T buy from a general sporting-goods store. 

DON'T listen to anyone who looks at you quickly and tells you he "knows" what you need.


Take it from someone who has watched his wife go through the process. 

She went through two pairs of boots, a couple of bad experiences, and two years of pain and inconvenience. 

It'll cost you far less in the long run to do it right from the beginning. 


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Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis on fitting and terminology.  Then check the list of bootfitters to see if there is one near you.  If there is, call and make an appointment.  If there isn't, ask and someone here will be able to recommend a good fitter.  Boots are everything, by far the most important piece of ski gear you will buy.  If your feet aren't happy you won't have a good time.

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When you choose a shop and make an appointment with one of their boot professionals pay attention to what he/she does.


Do they study your foot type in any way? i.e flexion,balance, malady's from life...etc etc.

Do they put your foot in the shell on the boot board?

Do they discuss proper insoles?

Do they mention the upper cuff at all?


There is always a lot of fuss made about proper shell fit when it comes to length but that is only part of the puzzle. There are many wider feet that will fit better in a narrower boot as there are narrower feet that will fit better in a wider boot. The foot is a complex mechanism and when complimented properly by a knowledgeable boot professional you will have boot nirvana....


Good Luck!

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