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Am I a Traitor?

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As many of you are aware, I've been a mountain rep at Jackson Hole for Head skis/boots/bindings for quite a few years.  During those years, I've watched as the Head brand has grown to practically dominate the international racing scene - particularly so far this year in the World Cup schedule (Lindsay won again today in Beaver Creek, giving her four victories in a row!).


Last spring, the shop I've worked with here in Jackson Hole, Teton Village Sports, changed ownership.  The new owners decided not to carry Head products this year, so that means there is no shop in Jackson Hole carrying Head this season.


The part that I enjoy so much about being a rep is riding up a lift and talking to people about gear.  If they like the idea of trying what I'm skiing on, then I can steer them toward a shop where they can demo the skis.  Obviously, I couldn't do that with Head this year.


So, I got an overture from Rossignol and I've now signed on as a mountain rep for Rossi.  I'm excited about it because many parts of the Rossi line are a perfect fit for our mountain here in Jackson Hole and I would imagine that I'll find a more "open" audience for Rossignol products as I'm riding the lifts.  I've been to a couple of orientation sessions on the product line and there's a lot of really cool stuff out there.  I'll learn lots more as the next few weeks go by.   


So, I'm in the process of figuring out which Rossi get to ski this winter.  I've got a pair of Experience 98's on order that should be here this week.  I'm trying out narrow-waisted skis to see which feels best to me for the truly hard-snow days and I'll probably also end up with a pair of S7/Super 7 or their descendants before the powder season is over.



All that said, I do feel kind of sad about leaving Head.  Head was very good to me and I believe Head makes outstanding skis (and boots and bindings).  Good skiers really owe it to themselves to try Head gear when they're in the market for new equipment.  It's high-quality gear made by people with a true passion for the sport.
But I'm a Rossi guy now.  
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If Head were still being carried by a Jackson area retailer, then I'd say one could make the semantic case for "traitor."  But this seems to be a case of ski "natural selection."


I first skied Targhee/Jackson Hole on Head HRP Comps.  I hope to be celebrating my 60th birthday at Targhee/Jackson Hole on Rossi S7's.  Life evolves.

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Times change and those who can't change either become obsolete or extinct.  You were able to change and that's a good thing.  Have fun with the new gear.

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I wouldn't see that as treason at all, and what would you talk about on the lifts unless you had a brand to promote? I'd say that Head's loss is Rossi's gain.

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What are you going to do! I'm a passionate Head ski and boot guy too. Skiing the Head SS Speed (170 cm) on the local Pa. hill and the Titan 177 cm on trips to Vail. You were absolutely right when you indicated that the 177 Titan is a lot of ski. Have the 120 Raptor RS boot.


I'm a fan maybe a bit out of nostalgia because my first pair of "good" skis were Killy 800"s in 1971. Two things date me here, obviously 1971 reference and "first good skis" as I typed this I realize that there are probably no skiers in the past 25 years that had wood skis then upgraded to to metal fiberglass models referencing the newer models as "good skis".


I never owned a Rossi somehow. I saw the new 88's and 98's on the wall when I was getting my Titans tuned at Vail. I like they way they look and the reviews have been excellent. Plus their price point is very competitive if not a bit less than some others.


Didn't like the Jimi , Johnnie Richie graphs at all and I think they went from bad to worse with the MotorHead crap! But hey, I'm 57 next month and not who they are catering to.


Was over in Beaver last week for the DH and saw alot of Head equipment with the racers that were in town. Apparently the SS line is only available at a few select shops. Carve secific skis are not on too many skiers want list obviously. I skied the Totan last Sunday in 8-10 in of new snow and had a blast. Plus with the plate and bindings I get a decent workout from the parking garage to the lift!


Have a great winter with Rossi.

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Richie R is having a nervous breakdown as we speak, and it's all your fault. Seriously, I (near whisper) am a user of Rossignol (rec race old WC 9S and 9X's), and a former heavy user (Bandits, B2, B3, 9S OS). The new ones seem to have gotten past Quicksilver disease. All good. Regrets and congrats.


But this also shows how totally screwed up Head's marketing is. They could own every WC victory at every venue this year, and still manage to lose distribution in the U.S. nonono2.gif

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My question:  does teton village sports carry rossignol, or will you be sending interested skiiers to a different shop? 


EIther way, not a traitor unless you were doing something sinister behind the scenes to get the new shop owners to drop head.  Otherwise, sounds to me like you just want to continue to remain a part of the ski industry. 

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Bob....Welcome to Rossi land  biggrin.gif


Now you've got some proper bindings at your disposal! And the ski line does seem to have evolved over the last couple years into a pretty complete line.


Enjoy and we'll expect to hear some great reviews as you get on a few of these......



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I think that you will find some great product in the Rossi line.  Although I have never repped for Rossignol, I have always had a good relationship with them & have owned many pairs of their skis over the years, along with recommending their stuff to others.  They are a good company, with a real skier at the helm.  Service is always good & they aren't afraid of innovation.


I gave up being a rep years ago.  There are too many good skis out there, & they aren't all made by the same company.  I have gone the freelance route & it works well for me.  It may not be free, but it allows me to have a good relationship with a number of different manufacturers.  If I were to rep again, Rossignol would be high on my list for a great boot, binding, ski combination.  BTW, their clothing line is pretty bomber as well.



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I think you will really like the Sickles alot.


Its a beter all around ski than the the S7 IMO. I put my money where my mouth was and bought a pair. 

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Waiting for Head clearance sale announcement.

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Now waiting for "Head Sports Opens Factory Shop in Jackson- Bob Peters is Back!" announcement.

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I'm guessing that Head does well enough in Europe that they're not too worried about producing/marketing all that much in the US other than to the Jr. and Masters race crowd. I'd be interested in knowing what they're doing in Japan as that's a very large and lucrative market. But I digress and agree with you about Head products. The Inferno is one of the sleeper skis of the year, and the piste skis, well, they speak for themselves. Anyhow, it'll be interesting to hear how you like your E98's. 

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I will be curious to hear how you like your new 98's.  I just bought a pair myself, but we aren't skiing yet.  hissyfit.gif


Ski on!


Rick G

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Traitor?  Hmm, if you ski the rossi's hate them but still pump them, yes, But I think we all know you enough to know you wouldn't do that.  Enjoy the ski's and let us know your favorites.  


Now lets hope Beyond is kind to your reviews! biggrin.gif


I think I know what's going on here, HH is trying to corner the market....  rumor has it, he has a pair or two of SS's in stock but he's only willing to depart with them for a kidney and a blood pledge of allegiance to the "program"  By taking you out he is taking all of Wyoming.....

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A favorite saying: "When you come to a fork in the road, take it".


I do recall one morning when you were handing out little " I (heart) Head" stickers at the Gondi. If I tried doing same, women would hit me over the head with a ski. While I love Head carvers, I can't figure out the marketing of the company in the US. Head certainly does not get much love in the gear review forums. I've used you as example of a big mountain guy that likes narrower carvers, so, find a carving ski less than 98. We carving ski aficionado's need all the support we can get.



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You'll do fine with Rossi and Head will move on.  


I will say after my recent "decluttering" I find my skiing gear now paired with the Head Magnum and Experience 98 cover the extremes and meet in the middle without gap.  With top line performance equipment supported in my experience (excuse that use) with great support from both companies, focus then turns to my ongoing skills improvement without the "ski" as an excuse.

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I think you should be ashamed of yourself and, as penance, send me all your Head skis.  And some Rossis too, because atonement is good for the soul.  

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Judas, Quisling, Peters........ Nah.

Too bad.  The one day i rented a Head (94, they ran out of the Sentinal, which when i finally tried it,

didn't hook me), i had a blast.  Fast and sure and Fast. And Fast. Arnold skis, "Out of my Vay"!

 So is TVS replicating JH Sports with ski lines?  Did they hang on to Faction? Sheets does a good job.

Thought it was a bit weird the way The Corp handled the transition, everyone having to interview for

the jobs.  It had a different feel than JMart (i know there are fine workers there as well), which

i think many folks appreciated.

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Rossi has a great headquarters in the Chartruese area of France.  I think they need to bring you there for a tour.

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Bob....  I know the real deal is that you just want to be more like me.  I can understand that.  Really copying my quiver wont do it for you and The Bears wont understand.  They don't know me like you do.


John J... TVS is not going to be a clone of JHS.  The lines are different and mostly unchanged with the new ownership except for Head.

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Traitor!? No! It wasn't exactly your choice, was it? Head is great, and Rossi is great. You should be proud to have been a rep for both companies. 

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You will love what Rossi is doing in skis (and boots) right now. The Experience line is very good and the E98 will be a killer JH ski. I will admit, I picked up a pair of E88's as my hard snow play ski and have been very happy with them so far. 

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Soooooo.   Since you are a Rossi guy could you tell me what you really  think of your Head Vector boots now that you have had some time on them .


Enjoy your new gear to try in the Rossi line.

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Not a traitor, but Head did lose a great ambassador. Of course rossignol gained a great ambassador.  :)

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Yes. This is like finding out Chuck Norris was secretly working for the People's Republic of China while filming 'Walker: Texas Ranger'...

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That is too bad!  Just as Head was really killing it this year; we have been ripping around on the new Peaks and Motorhead skis the past few days. As impressive as anything else we have in the shop right now, no doubt (but no Rossi skis, I can't speak for those). It is kind of funny how Head is making a resurgence here: another shop also picked them up, and Bachelor's on-hill shop did a big buy this year.  I was on the hill with my Peak 84's yesterday, and my buddy on the Rock n' Roll, and 3 different people came up to us, saying "hey, those are the new Heads; heard they rip!  How do you like them?"  Considering there were only a few hundred on the hill, I thought that was odd, but cool.


Be sure and let us know what you think of the Rossi stuff.  

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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post

Rossi has a great headquarters in the Chartruese area of France.  I think they need to bring you there for a tour.

mmmmmm.... Chartruese.....


name another liquor with a color named after it :D

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Isn't in fact Head "abandoning" you by not being represented in any local shop?

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

Yes. This is like finding out Chuck Norris was secretly working for the Mexicans while filming 'Walker: Texas Ranger'...

fixed, but it was still funny the way it was..


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