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Custom foam liner question

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I'm trying to find an answer for my girlfriend about different custom foam liners.  At the moment, I have a 25.5 boot with Nordica custom foam race liners.  But, she skis a Dalbello Scorpion SF105 and was interested in a custom liner as well.  However, her boot is a 24.0.  If you compare the height of my Nordica liner to the height of her stock liner, there is a pretty significant difference as mine are quite a bit taller.


My question:


Does any company have a custom foam liner which can accomodate the shorter cuff height of women's boots?


Thanks in advance.

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bootdoc of Austria actually make a woman specific foam liner (no it doesn't have fluff on it ) it has a lower cut cuff to accommodate the calf muscle...not sure who will sell them your side of the pond, they have just been bought by wintersteiger 

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Thank you for the information.  I went throught the Wintersteiger and then Boot Doc sites.  Boot Doc doesn't seem to have have dealers in the US, but I will email them to make sure.  Also, it's unfortunate that the Boot Doc web site does not give a better idea of how much lower the cuff height is for relative boot sizes.


After looking through the Conform'able and Nordica sites, I could not find any injectable foam liner which was suited for women's boots.  And, those were the only two companies with which I was familiar.


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Almost every company has a foam liner that is used for the race boots.  Can you contact a Dalbello shop or the rep?



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Actually, I hadn't considered that idea.  I know that Dalbello has thermal fitted liners, but have never heard of them carrying injected foam.  So, I will try to find a shop that carries Dalbello or maybe contact them through the web site to see if they have a women's specific foam liner.


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Strolz makes injected liners with a lower cuff, it is not there standard liner it would have to be a special order. That being said their standard 24.0 liner is pretty short. A 25.5 liner and a 24.0 liner will have different height.


Strolz liners cannot be ordered online you would need to go through a dealer.


Let me know if you need any additional info.






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