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The Minturn Mile

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Hey all,


I'll be heading to Vail with my brother and two friends from the 23rd to the 30th.  Brother and I are pretty much expert skiers, other two are sick boarders, all are experienced off-the-map skiers, but we're not extreme backcountriers because we only get to hit the slopes 2-3 weeks a year. 


We want to do the Minturn Mile, but we've never done it before.  Would anyone here be willing to meet up and be a guide for some Mile virgins, or know anyone who's an expert on the Mile?


Post here and I'll message you my contact info.





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Hey Ben, 

   We try to inform people about conditions on the Minturn Mile as much as possible through our facebook page for the Minturn Saloon.  After the mile, most people end up here for a beverage and something to eat!  Check it out as we try to update conditions as we hear about it. 

    Right now we still need some snow to make it fun.  The top is OK for early season but the lower portion, known as the luge, still needs some more cover unless you don't care to much about the base of your skis!  More snow is expected late next week.

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