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  43 years old


  220 lbs but trying to get to 200.....

  ski 20-25 days/year, mostly in Summit County, Lake Tahoe and usually one trip across the pond to Austria or France

  ability - level 7-8 (I can aggressively ski just about any marked run on a mountain, but still learning to ski bumps)

  style - mostly on-piste, like to venture into bumps and trees a bit, never in the terrain park

  Boot: Technica Dragon 120, professionally fitted

  Current skis:

    2009 Fischer Cold Heat 176

    2009 Fischer Watea 101 192 for powder days\

    (both with Railflex2 plates so I can travel with a single set of bindings)


While I like the Cold Heats, I'd like to get something that doesn't require quite as much effort to ski (the Cold Heats like to be driven hard and skied fast at all times and are kind of ho-hum when skiing casually with the wife), can turn a bit quicker and is more tolerant in the bumps. I'd also like to not need to lug two pairs of skis when going out west - something a bit wider to handle powder days with a single pair would be nice as well.


I have been researching at the Line Prophet 90 as it seems like a good match for what I'm looking for and plan to demo a pair while in Breckenridge next week. Any advice on what length to try?


Anything else I should be considering?









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