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Your first day back this season - Green, Blue or Black?

Poll Results: First day back this season, 9AM - what do you hit?

  • 9% (2)
    Green of course, I'm outta shape and have forgotten how to make a turn.
  • 61% (13)
    Blue of course, I know how to ski and like to get warmed up.
  • 23% (5)
    Blacks, duh. I hit the bumps and steep trees - first chair to last.
  • 4% (1)
    I usually hit the lodge for a bit and have a beer to get warmed up.
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I don't know why, but the first day back on skis of the season, and the very first run, (after not skiing for months) the first trail I hit is always a black bump field or other such silliness.


I tell myself on the chair to the top that I will take a couple, or at least one, easy runs down to let my legs warm up and get the feel back.Then, when I'm off the chair and I have a choice of bunny hill easy green or blue or black, I jump into the moguls!


I probably shouldn't do that.


So, quick poll. First day, first chair up, first run - what do you hit?







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Probably will not have a choice when my local mid-NY bump opens with two trails to to bottom of WROD.  One is called a Blue, the other Black. The Blue is actually a little harder than the black due to a double fall line. So, Blue.

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So, quick poll. First day, first chair up, first run - what do you hit?

A tree stump mad.gif


Early season, first run, bunny hill with daughter right on the edge of tree line.  Turned around to see if my daughter was doing ok, caught a barely exposed fallen branch.  Fell into trees and hit stump.  Subsequently had a dinner plate sized green/blue/black bruise (sorta pretty in an abstract way). Rest of the day much better.


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I always take an easy run the first run of the day, every day.

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I'm with Ghost, I usually warm up on a green.  This year, that's about all that is going to be open this weekend.  

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Opening day this season was waist deep, blower pow. So, I started on the steepest trail I could hit from that chair.

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Actually started on the very green - was getting my 5yo daughters ski legs back :)

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we have had 100 percent bump skiing since opening.

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I skied a closed black diamond for first run. My home mountain doesn't care if locals ski closed runs as they are more interested in protecting the naive and innocent skier from hurting themselves so they often have locals creating a base before taking down the closed signs. Btw it was a couple of inches of fresh on top of a 1"-2'' breakable wind crust on top of 18"-24" loose snow on top of dirt. I didn't go back.

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10ft into 15ft pillow line in a meter of fresh.  Stomped it.

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I am still waiting for my season to start, but my usual M,O for first day is to hit a blue groomer mixing up my turns to get my feet back, then a black groomer doing the same, and then I go from there based on how I feel but by lunch I am pretty much back in form ready for anything.


Rick G

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We'll see this Saturday for sure but what's a black run anyway. I't not like I'm going to make a bee line to Alf's High Rustler, I'll be up at Killington for a weekend clinic.

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Wife, daughter #1, daughter #2, and I shot straight down a blue run with 6" fresh pow to start the year.  No black runs open yet.  Plenty of rocks and other debris are ready to make nice core shots though.

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My first too many runs were on the easiest run on the hill.  But that was mostly because my friend was just learning how to snowboard so we were trying to (unsuccessfully) teach her how.  We did finally convince her to take a real lesson from someone that actually knows how to snowboard.


If it had been up to me it would have probably been a steeper green or blue.  But black wasn't even an option, only one black run was even open this early in the year and 2/3s of the run is blue before and after it.

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Black tree run. Had powder and I had to do it when I saw it. Was going to take an easy run...
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Grouse's only open WROD on opening night was a green. More than enough to dial back in short turns. Plus a green out here is like a blue in Ontario. 

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First day back of a season is whatever the WROD happens to be...  This year it was a blue groomer at Killington.

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Red biggrin.gif It was the only one that was open.

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I took the triple chair to the top then skied a green run (only choice) down to a double chair to take me to a black bump and powder run.  It was good.yahoo.gif

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For the first ten years or so, my first day was always "Oh no, I've forgotten how to ski!"


And then one year, that stopped happening. I am happy that I finally have gotten to a point where I can comfortably and reasonably well ski the first day of the season.


As for the first run, I find I ski better if I do a fast groomer and get used to speed before moving on to more interesting stuff.  Yet somehow I usually succumb to the temptation to leave that groomer right away. 

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